Multiple traffic sources traffic sources are not single


2, direct access to the


5 software,

diversified flow1, the search engine

2012 so quietly, Shanghai dragon who experienced the doomsday test, ushered in the new year 2013. In the past year, generally are still in use in Shanghai Longfeng old-fashioned means of website promotion, through the search engine to bring to the site traffic. This is the right way, but Xiao Bian also said, bring traffic to the site is diversified, not only the search engine in this way.

The necessity of read more

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Li Yu when you venture to the bottom of the valley, what do you doDouble income secret shlf1314 adve

after six months of hard work, in A5 re learning to do site since the first stop, soubq finally stable in 1200ip. shlf1314 daily clicks at 30-80 0.5-0.8 knives. Click rate is quite low, the unit price is also quite low. Later in a webmaster party heard optimization advertising this concept, to research a lot, first discovered, entertainment Station Click price is fairly low, but I had to do entertainment related station, so the price is very low. For example, this station, one click 0.01-0.05 dollars. Later made a multi language foreign station, friends to help point, 0.3 dollars, a few times worse. Just that English station is too garbage, I can not foreign language, so just to test, did not seriously develop. read more

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Optimization of Wenzhou Shanghai dragon on the inside pages of the site

website well, may bring you tens of thousands of IP is, we don’t need too much included, only need home page can be included! My website 90% IP from the home page, you can love Shanghai, noble baby "the Wenzhou Shanghai dragon", can understand it! Keep 36 ranking nobility baby the name, is still on the rise ceaselessly. And you want to do keyword density problem, new sites and an important chain, I suggest to have sex in Shanghai space, Sina blog, news blog, blog etc. These chain weight high, and several PR value higher, such as Admin5, im286, alimama, xkzzz, phpwind, discuz> read more

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Love of Shanghai to the railway station, why not before speed

through the search engine search domain, carefully review the site outside the chain, see ever station records, there are also some professional web site history provide the domain name query, you can refer to.

welcome to exchange!

7, independent IP, familiar words, people and groups, and group IP, sharing sites as companions, will enter the search engine ranks reference.

5, Shanghai Webmaster Platform love has been crawling, but there is no release content.

In fact, the original

1, select the correct formal domain name, domain name check once the site history, in the Internet environment has left a bad influence, if it is best not to do before the same website content website. read more

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Neglected details damage the electricity supplier website professional image flow down lost disastro

how to understand the professional website image? It contacts in real life and the people, the first impression is very important. At first glance the love or the feeling of the people, I believe you will continue to associate. But first let a person feel wrong, I believe you will not bother to verify what is wrong, is wrong, really wrong, most people simply do not continue. So, the website also is such. When the user opens a business website, if at first glance very amateur, if sell things or high-grade goods, the first reaction of this user must think this website is deceptive or integrity is not high. Of course, the user must also not in-depth investigation site of true and integrity, but simply leave the site and never come back. The situation like this, some small sellers Taobao dress shop in no dress or simple, users see the shop the first poor image, will close not to come back, but to find a professional image of the Taobao store. read more

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The love of Shanghai data open platform to enhance the user experience and brand value

this is the love of Shanghai is the official statement, there are some difficulties in understanding, said bluntly, love Shanghai data open platform is to provide a free official customer service calls for some domestic influential brand enterprises, if you search for a business in Shanghai love company name + customer service, love Shanghai it will show you a call. When it comes to this perhaps we still don’t understand, directly above.


this is my refrigerator bad, I love Shanghai search for beauty service, want to consult them, I did not expect such a bold call sign. Personal feeling of the service call is eye-catching, but also can increase the user trust the sense of customer service phone. After all, now the Internet era of rampant false information, users still have some doubts on some of the information on the internet. See the beauty of this phone, I think, our company can also complete such a call? Second days after work, I also landed to love Shanghai open platform, to simply look at some standard love Shanghai open platform, we feel quite complete formalities, offer a try a look at the attitude to love, did not know Shanghai will pass. In second days I submitted, I was surprised to find that my original application is successful, very excited ah, with you in our company’s customer service phone: read more

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Keywords competition degree analysis on the website of the four step

keyword optimization is an important work of Shanghai Longfeng, important work is the degree of competition is the analysis of Shanghai dragon can not be ignored, if we choose the wrong words, finally all of the optimization are the clouds, several aspects of the degree of competition to talk about a simple analysis of the key words down.

optimize the internal structure of websiteThe optimization of the whole

three, see page in the page


, a general

is generally more popular keywords are home to optimize when we do analysis of the degree of competition keywords, find home page appears more, so the easier optimization, whereas it is difficult to see on the first page of the website included, each site of PR, and the YAHOO chain, which can give us a general information, we need to optimize the optimization to what extent can go beyond the website home page. read more

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The recruitment website how to use love Shanghai open platform to get traffic

hourly updates in the results show that the probability is high.

although the move attracted complaints website owners, but did not stop the development trend of open platform. The number of recruitment websites rely on search traffic, its impact is self-evident, the following simple analysis of open platform recruitment websites flow interception. The word from the current love Shanghai search, from "Recruitment", "fair" and the position information of the keyword traffic, such as "Shandong Recruitment", the search results will first display: read more

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How to judge Guan Jian’s words to optimize the degree of difficulty

third, a copy of Guan Jian words to love Shanghai from the search box bidding number to determine if a word, Guan Jian is very hot, it is certainly to have the price, this is inevitable, if some words by Guan Jian index query tool is very high, but when you search it are rarely found unexpectedly at the site, the this index is certainly not true.

fifth, a copy of Guan Jian to love Shanghai word search box from the enterprise station number to judge, general company’s Guan Jiansi is the company’s station to participate in the rankings, the number of enterprises station can also determine the difficulty of the word Guan Jian, if you search for a Guan Jian word, search out the results found there is little or no business station, show the results are some third party websites. read more

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Pulse Official multiple announcementsWangzhuan five step step as boundless as the sea and sky

The third step !

Alipay began to receive a small number ranging from RMB PP, AP also began to receive legend long dollars, but I soon become crawling on the computer I was crazy, I didn’t catch Wangzhuan, do any other things, after seeing the lose, I know I lost, lost in Wangzhuan in this! Is human life, not the life I want. I had no energy to tell off novices can earn five hundred yuan beauty story.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback read more

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Single day restoration of love Shanghai K station one and a half months operation record

2, want to have patience.

After the

13 days post update snapshot. Although there is no flow in, but soon, how to restore the K station, said here refers to the following operation I, although lasted half a month, not fast, but it is restored.

After the

K station, Ken >

recently love Shanghai repeatedly, so many owners began to lose, in fact, most of the owners but also give vent, website or to do, or to please love Shanghai, K station, or want to restore. I CD package, before September 22nd when 4 of the weight of the old station, suddenly there is no weight, followed by the love of Shanghai, you don’t know. Didn’t want to write how to restore the site, because the recovery is too much, but think carefully, and I may have the same friends, has not recovered, so simple to say things before we write again. I as before the publication of this article, in the love of Shanghai site:www.***.net, more than 20000 have included, also next update snapshot. read more

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The construction site in Langfang that Shanghai Dragon a reasonable set of keywords to enhance the s

So the

third: the long tail keywords

and the two key words in the use of Shanghai dragon operation is not difficult to achieve. So for small and medium enterprises, in the choice of Shanghai dragon operation to consider some of these factors.

, Shanghai dragon is not ranked but to achieve high conversion website. So what kind of keywords can enhance the site’s conversion rate? We don’t talk about the site itself today, talk about the problem of the conversion between keywords and. The best of Shanghai Longfeng simple talk about 3 points: read more

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Something that is bullying by submitting Favicon to the station on 360

Qihoo 360 online search service has been more than a year, we all know it by the time of year and harvest the market share of 1/5, can be said to be quite successful. So when the website promotion seems to be slowly began to pay attention to your site in the search on the performance of the 360, after all but 1/5 of the search engine traffic entrance.

point above in the Internet too normal, because everyone is in their own interests. We provide to our free service, get some benefits for yourself is no ground for blame. So I just use double quotes word, because such a thing does exist, but it is no ground for blame. Below I will list some of my deep impression of things: read more

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Share talk about these years of my journey to Shanghai Dragon

graduated from the University in August 2013 to start, the first job, my forum operation, although the university is e-commerce courses, but on the optimization, promotion, operation and so on, teaching is very broad, is still in the third was originated in the second half of my friends and classmates, because the guide accidentally, into the Internet industry, it is only once did, local forum at the University film station, game forum and so on, but ultimately survived a no, it’s quite ashamed of, do not say, say more are tears ah, or talk about forum for the situation, then in my work is the forum post operation, belonging to the Department of market management, our marketing department on the website promotion is mainly divided into two categories, one is by dealing with the media by A Micro-blog is led by her operation and management, Forum promotion and operation is mainly led by another B, we belong to the management category of B, with a total charge of 5 people, who recruited three new and old employees, two for the forum, two for the promotion. I was in charge of the forum, and later because I will need to turn for the promotion work, here I want to Tucao, the future with people to keep on, otherwise really quite hard to force. read more

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Can a small blog really make money on an advertising allianceNote nternet startups migrate to secon

run away,

Internet: blogging means writing a Multimedia diary in the space of the network with real name or screen name. General blog can not earn money; click rate is high, on behalf of your blog to see more people, large flow, also shows that your website has fame.

source: Tencent technology

in Xiamen, Hangzhou, Tianjin were evaluated after he found that Chengdu housing prices over the past two years basically did not rise, buy a house is not a dream; a few years of talent precipitation, to find suitable talent is not a dream; people don’t work frequently spend three or four hours, more than the amount of time and energy can be effectively put into the work. The company cheap rent, government support…… These reasons moved him, and eventually chose to relocate to Chengdu. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme how to choose suitable optimization scheme

analysis of


second do news source website, website forwarding less original you can be sure that the update frequency is no problem, but we need to consider the problems included, after all, forwarding website content search engine for search engines can not provide value is not love, it is considered friendly search engine.


personal website and enterprise small update frequency fast, the quality can not be too bad, then consider the problem is to set the keywords to get traffic ranking, then the ranking must want to do outside the chain, a good analysis of their web site in the face of Shanghai dragon can promotion positioning scheme the. read more

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Shanghai dragon how to fix the index page easier for search engines to crawl

suppose we have a large e-commerce sites and decent, unique product page 1000. This page looks like this:





now let us say that each of these products "link to the product review page:

unfortunately, we just peel out 1000 duplicate pages, each review page is just a form of it, there is no unique content. The review "has a search value, is the dilution of our index. Therefore, we decided it was time to take action… read more

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Site optimization work should be a phased plan

Several phase

3, website content consistently included

The length of time required by the

if the website content is stable included, so congratulations to you, your website has achieved the trust of the search engine on the right track basic! How to do this? The only way is to update the website content, the amount of the chain at the same time, these will prompt or tell the search engines your website is "live", so as to obtain continuous trust it.

the foot of the above three stages in the work. read more

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Some views continuously updated original articles on Shanghai dragon blog

provide content to the user: first of all, the most important is to provide to the user, no matter what to write articles, the user is the ultimate beneficiaries, when someone came to your blog, feel the harvest, so that your content is successful. The possibility of only authorized users of website in order to have a sustainable development. Our blog is like a hotel, if you do the dishes taste very beautiful, then won the customers, the content of the website is equivalent to the hotel’s delicacy, good article can let the user enlighten thoughts. read more

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Taobao SDCMS passenger single product system – Taobao customer system – a network

the introduction:

if you have in this page complete with the group operation, you can also reply in the above post, we will give you the gift of A5 integral.

———————- reminder developing

A5 Forum (628) is hot this comment immediately: 贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/thread-8273764-1-1.html

        Taobao customer is one of the most hot money online mode, whether it is the current station of NetEase, such as Sina, Youku, Amy and other large sites, or a personal station can see Taobao passenger figure, Taobao passenger car market potential is huge. With the ban many Taobao search engine passenger station API love Shanghai in large quantities, even collected huge amount is very unstable. read more

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