first_imgCuellar was expelled in the added time of Atlético-Leganés, action that gave rise to a brawl that caused the game to be extended several minutes more than the four that Mateu had scored. The referee explains in the minutes why of expulsion by double yellow of the goalkeeper. The first had been in the 76th minute ‘to protest and the second, the controversy, came in 93’ for “pretending to have been attacked by a ball boy and address me making observations, insisting on that incident. “ In the images of Movistar you can see that the Pichu goes behind the goal for a ball, eager to waste time, and there falls to the ground after a slight confrontation with one of the ball bouncers. Mateu goes to the player and after a brief dialogue with him asking him to take out door already, he shows her the yellow one and, immediately, the red one. On what happens next, the referee explains in ‘Other incidents’: “Once expelled, delayed his departure from the pitch while facing several adversaries, getting to pinch the number 20 on his face (Vitolo)and then tip several claps on the neck and chest of the number 9 (Morata), and insisting that he had been attacked by a ball boy. “That is Cuéllar will drop a penalty match for the double yellowbut the goalkeeper he is exposed to a greater punishment for what he exposed later, the four minutes it took to leave the field and the successive rifirrafes.last_img read more

first_imgGil Manzano’s afternoon at the Sadar was anything but placid. The referee from Extremadura had to deal with two controversial actions: a hard tackle from Sergio Ramos on Rubén García, who could have led to the expulsion of the white captain with 1-0 on the scoreboard, and a possible penalty by Pervis Estupiñán on Luka Modric In the second half. For Iturralde González, arbitrary analyst of Carrusel and AS, the pacense was not entirely successful in both sets. In the first, which occurred in the equator of the first half, the Real Madrid defender had a strong impact on the ankle of the Osasuna midfielder, who remained on the ground in pain. For the former collegiate, the mistake is clear: “The VAR must enter Ramos’ play and expel him”he explained in the SER, “That entrance to the ankle is red.” “Every time the VAR loses more credibility. It is the system that is indefensible”he sentenced. Iturralde González also ruled on the possible penalty of Estupiñán on Modric, an action in which the Ecuadorian side loses control of the ball after a rejection and seems to hit the Croatian on the heel, who was attentive to collect the loss of the reddish player. The former collegiate, who initially considered that it was not a penalty, later rectified by showing more images: “I would have to go see it. It is an action in which you see an image and it seems, another in which it does not seem to give you the support foot … you have to go to see it”, argument. Finally, although he does not believe there is a clear error, the arbitration analyst at Carrusel and AS He also commented on the hard entry of Nacho Vidal about Sergio Ramos In the second half. “That one is in the border of the red one. Plays that you can defend both”he explained “By the way of throwing himself not going in front of the player and ball, without dangerous moves for the physical integrity of the players”. Frame of the action of the possible Estupiñán penalty on Modric.last_img read more

first_imgBroken ankle: “When everything happened, I couldn’t look at my foot. I didn’t want to have that image in my mind. I knew right away that something was wrong because I had pain.”Doctor’s performance: “ANDDr. Hollingsworth was amazing. Really important and fast what he did. He put my ankle in the right place. He placed it twice, turning it and then placing it. “Memories of the injury: “I remember Cenk Tosun, who was holding his head; Lucas Digne and Richarlison, nearby. Also Luis Boa Morte, who was next to me and I think I hit him. It was more difficult mentally than physically.” Andre Gomes He felt like a footballer again last weekend. On November 3, in a fortuitous action with the player of Tottenham They are, fractured right ankle with dislocation. An image that went around the world. A memory that the former soccer player Valencia Y Barcelona tells for him Daily Mail but he hasn’t wanted to see yet: “It was scary but I am very happy to return.” Support samples: “I had messages from everyone, from Lionel Messi, with whom I played in Barcelona, ​​to his compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo. There was even an unexpected message from Alan Shearer.”Recovery: “There would be times when the right foot was trembling alone. The more I thought about the injury, the more it happened. To be honest, it was a lot of fun to see it. “Bad moment: “I am not going to lie. During this period, I had really bad times. I cannot say that I had no pain or that my foot was not blocked like a rock. I had days like that, but I wanted to return with the team as soon as possible.”Concern: “Will I be the same player as before? That was a small concern, but the people I talked to about my specific injury helped me. “center_img His brother (Nuno) and his niece in the stands: “My brother wanted to run from the stands to the field and the commissaries said: ‘No! No! Don’t do that! The doctor did a brilliant job in the field. Then, on the way to the hospital, Nuno was with me.”Conversation with Son at 48 hours: “He’s a good guy. He apologized and I explained that things like that happen. Obviously it wasn’t on purpose.”last_img read more

first_imgThe stoppage of competitions due to the coronavirus can make the Premier League lose a lot of money, specifically more than 1,400 million euros. Much has been said about the 371 million pending in the television contract with SkyBut the truth is that if the competition resumes and the matches, as expected, are held behind closed doors, the game days that are played in this way will take their toll on the clubs.Daily Mail calculates losses in the first English of about 203.14 million euros. They estimate that this is the amount that the 20 teams would enter, of which 17 have already canceled the subscription renewal process (it can be paid monthly or annually). Only Newcastle, Everton and Norwich they keep it active though all clubs agree to make a refund to subscribers or at least a discount for the following season’s subscription. ClubCapacitySubscribersHalf priceIncome credits *Party Day ** Liverpool53,39427,000745.9920.2096.63 Leicester32,26123,000569.2413.0816.87 Sheffield32,12525,000525.6313.2016.64 Brighton30,75023,000791.8918.2521.23 Burnley21,94412,000459.075.517.23 Norwich27,35921,000459.079.6414.92 Bournemouth11,3646,500751.724.935.74 M. United74,87952,000826.3242.92127.16 Crystal Palace25,48617,500866.4915.1519.05 Aston Villa42,09530,000585.3117.5625.25 Everton39,41431,330459.0714.3516.30center_img Newcastle52,30535,000688.6024.1027.43 Arsenal60,70446,0001,526.4071.39110.41 Chelsea40,83428,0001,058.1529.6176.43 443.34793.04 Wolves32,05022,000573.8412.6213.20 Watford22,20013,800698.939.6410.56 M. City55,01740,000625.4825.0263.12 Tottenham62,06242,0001601.0067.2593.76 TOTAL West ham60,00040,000723.0328.9231.10 * Estimated income from season tickets (in millions of euros).** Estimated income from the whole year during match days (in millions of euros).A total of 793.04 million euros was expected to be entered by all Premier League teams during game days throughout the campaign, therefore, the 203.14 million correspond to the nine days that remain in the season (ten in some cases). Manchester United and Arsenal would be the most affected.last_img read more

first_img“The Chiringuito de Jugones” released a preview of the interview with Sergio the ‘Kun’ Agüero. The striker of the Manchester City He spoke of the return to training, the Champions League match against Real Madrid and its future. 10 To train: “15 days ago we received the information on when to return and it was May 4. There is a new meeting. If the Champions League is played in August it will be difficult.”Fear: “When we come back we will be half tense. The issue is that it can be played.”Champions: “We would like to play the return leg with Madrid with the public. It is not easy. We have a good result.”Future: “I have a year and a half left on my contract.”last_img read more