first_imgFor a small number of Notre Dame students, taking classes at Saint Mary’s is a normal part of their daily schedule. Junior John Brahier, who is majoring in mathematics at Notre Dame and pursuing a secondary education minor at Saint Mary’s, said he has taken several required courses for his minor at Saint Mary’s. “I’ve taken a number of classes at SMC, all part of my secondary education major,” Brahier said. “SMC has the education program I was looking for, so when I graduate, the plan is that I’ll have both the secondary education minor and a license to teach.” Junior Madeline Swan, who is a math and sociology double major, also has a secondary education minor at Saint Mary’s.  Swan said the small class sizes, good learning environments, and caring professors are instrumental to her success at Saint Mary’s. Her experience at Saint Mary’s has helped her move past common prejudices held between female students at Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s, Swan said. “The professors have been awesome and I have met some truly great classmates,” Swan said. “Also, this has helped me break down stereotype barriers for me that are typically present between SMC and ND girls.” Brahier said it was initially difficult to be the only male in many of his Saint Mary’s courses, but the transition has gotten easier with time. “It was a big difference for me at first because I came from an all-guys high school, so to go to classes of almost all girls was a pretty big change,” he said. “Obviously there was a bit of an adjustment period at first, but it’s not really a big deal in the long-run.” Brahier said his decision to enroll at Saint Mary’s was due to Notre Dame not offering the education training he wanted. “My plan after graduation is to teach math in a high school, but Notre Dame doesn’t have an Education Department that directly prepares students to be teachers and helps with the licensing process,” he said. Brahier said taking courses through the education department at Saint Mary’s has been a positive experience and his professors take an interest in student success. “The Education Department at SMC has sponsored some really cool events related to social justice in education and is a big proponent of service-learning,” Brahier said. “By and large, the faculty I’ve worked with at SMC have been great – they seem to really care about each student and want us to do our best. In general, I think that’s definitely true at Notre Dame as well.” Notre Dame students enrolled in Saint Mary’s classes are assigned a Saint Mary’s advisor in addition to their advisor at Notre Dame, Brahier said. His Saint Mary’s helps him choose his courses and build his schedule, he said.  Brahier said he works with his two advisors separately. “If I have a question about education classes, I have to go to the SMC advisor,” he said. “For math or theology, I go to my advisor from each of those departments at ND.” He said his courses at Saint Mary’s are determined by his major requirements, so he meets with his Saint Mary’s advisor regularly and registers for courses in person. “Registration for my classes at SMC is relatively straightforward because I have a pretty set list of classes that I have to take, so basically I just meet with my advisor over there on a regular basis to make sure I stay on track from semester to semester,” Brahier said. “I don’t do any online registration for those classes – instead, it’s all through contact with my advisor.” Swan said she feels fortunate to have the opportunity to study at both institutions. “I’ve discovered how lucky I am to get the change to participate in such a great education program as an ND student as well as collaborate and learn from some great Saint Mary’s students,” she said. Brahier said the combination of classes from Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s has also been rewarding for him. “Both schools definitely are focused on their identities as Catholic schools, and both schools have a sense of purpose and mission,” he said. “My favorite part of the secondary education minor at SMC has been getting to work with the faculty that is so passionate about preparing us to be great teachers. Their staff is dedicated and wants us to do our best, and studying in that incredibly positive atmosphere has been very rewarding.”last_img read more

first_img– Advertisement – Mr. Biden also said that he wanted to see a mask mandate in the United States, reiterating his request for state and local officials to require citizens to wear face coverings as cases surge during the cold winter months. Aiming fire at the Trump administration, he criticized the president and his advisers for attacking leaders of states like Michigan who have imposed new restrictions on businesses to contain rising case numbers.“What the hell’s the matter with these guys?” Mr. Biden said. “It’s totally irresponsible.”Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, speaking before Mr. Biden, said they were focused on “opening this economy responsibly and rebuilding it so it works for working people.”- Advertisement – “More people may die, if we don’t coordinate,” he said. – Advertisement – His speech came at a perilous moment for the recovery.Credit card data and other indicators suggest that consumers began to pull back spending this month as infection, hospitalization and death rates from the virus surge nationwide. States have begun to impose new restrictions on economic activity in an effort to tamp down the spread.But stock markets were rising again on Monday, encouraged by news that Moderna’s vaccine for the virus appears to be highly effective. Still, widespread distribution of a vaccine that would allow Americans to resume anything close to normal levels of travel, dining out and other types of spending on services that have been crushed by the pandemic is likely months away. Economists continue to call for a new and immediate round of aid from Congress to help people and businesses weather the difficult time before the rebound is complete. Earlier on Monday, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris spoke with business and union leaders to discuss the recovery, including Mary Barra, the chief executive of General Motors; Sonia Syngal, the chief executive of Gap; Satya Nadella, the head of Microsoft; Richard Trumka of the A.F.L.-C.I.O. and Rory Gamble, president of the United Auto Workers. “They represent very different perspectives, but I’m convinced we can all come together around the same table to advance areas of common ground,” Mr. Biden said. He underscored the importance of unity between business leaders and unions and said that unions would have more power under his watch.Mr. Biden said he supported a robust stimulus package such as the $3 trillion bill that House Democrats passed earlier this year, and he insisted that funding for states and cities needs to be included in such legislation. The president-elect said that sick leave and money for child care were also priorities, arguing that people should not have to choose between working and caring for others. “For millions of Americans who’ve lost hours and wages or have lost jobs, we can deliver immediate relief and it need be done quickly,” Mr. Biden said. “Congress should come together and pass a Covid relief package” along the lines of the $3 trillion bill that House Democrats passed earlier this year.Mr. Biden said that combating the virus remained the most urgent matter, however, and called on President Trump to begin the transition process quickly. President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. warned that a “very dark winter” was ahead and called on Congress to pass an economic stimulus package immediately to help workers struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. In his first economic address since winning the election this month, Mr. Biden said he supported a national mask mandate to help curb the rise of the virus and that Congress should provide trillions of dollars in fiscal support to workers, businesses and state and local governments.- Advertisement –last_img read more

first_img “Feverish passengers would be ushered to an isolation room,” said Parreño. There is no direct Iloilo-Chinaflights but Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China, and Singaporehave confirmed cases of infection from the virus which has an ongoing outbreakin the Chinese city of Wuhan. ILOILO City – Fearing a possible entry of people from China and elsewhere infected with the novel coronavirus, Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. called for a temporary suspension of international flights (to and from Hong Kong and Singapore) at the Iloilo Airport. BY IAN PAUL CORDERO and IME SORNITO At the Iloilo Airport, only CebuPacific has international flights. The Philippine Airlines has none. Defensor formally made known hisrequest to Cebu Pacific Air through a letter. The thermal scanner has also been activated to detect passengers with fever – one of the symptoms of those infected with the new coronavirus known also as 2019-nCoV. Replying to Defensor, Vallido statedthat her airline is ready to suspend international flights and that thegovernor’s request has been forwarded to their central office in Manila. Last week, joining the rest of the world in heightening measures to prevent the spread of the new corovirus from China, the Iloilo Airport started screening passengers arriving from Hong Kong and Singapore for fever and flu symptoms. Iloilo Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. wants a uniform “enhanced community quarantine pass” throughout the province. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN He will be meeting mayors today anddiscuss more measures.center_img “The suspected cases won’t be passing the passenger terminal but through the ramp in going to the waiting ambulance,” Parreño stressed. “We are worried. I asked for thesuspension of international flights kayti daw wala sa poder ko ang mag-lockdown. I’m coordinating with nationalgovernment kon ano plano naton,” saidDefensor. Iloilo City’s Mayor Jerry Treñas, in atext message to Defensor, expressed support to the governor. The CAAP-Iloilo chief said his office is also waiting an order from their central office for the possible free distribution of face masks at the airport./PN Bureau of Quarantine personnel have been posted on Aerobridge 3, the designated passageway of passengers arriving from Hong Kong and Singapore. Yesterday afternoon, the Department ofHealth confirmed the country’s first case – a Chinese woman tourist from Wuhancurrently confined at a hospital in Manila. Hospital authorities would be contacted for an ambulance that would take the passengers to the hospital for further examination. According to Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Iloilo Airport terminal supervisor Arthur Parreño, his agency tightened medical quarantine protocols. “May we respectfully request for yourvoluntary cessation of international flights to and from the countries positivefor the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) immediately,” read part of Defensor’sletter addressed to Leah Vallido, operation manager of Cebu Pacific Air at theIloilo Airport in Cabatuan, Iloilo.last_img read more