first_imgToday, New Orleans favorites Galactic have released their latest studio album, Already Ready Already, via Tchoup-Zilla Records. Produced by the band’s own Robert Mercurio and Ben Ellman, Already Ready Already marks Galactic’s 10th studio LP. In addition to featuring Erica Falls, the new album welcomes guest appearances from Princess Shaw, Miss Charm Taylor, David Shaw (The Revivalists), Nahko, and Boyfriend. Already Ready Already hears Galactic taking a more contemporary approach, connecting elements of modern rhythms and electronic instrumentation with their Crescent City funk roots.EXCLUSIVE: Stanton Moore Talks Galactic’s New Album, Buying Tipitina’s, & “Playing Like You Own The Place”“Trust me, I loved having Macy Gray and Mavis Staples on our last record,” Mercurio said of their latest release. “It was an honor to work with them. But there’s something fun about making music with someone not everybody has heard of and end up getting a great reaction to it. There are no preconceived thoughts as to what the song should be like because the listener doesn’t know the artist as well.”Luckily for fans, the recent recording sessions that yielded Already Ready Already generated enough material for another LP which is due out later in 2019, one which Ellman described in the album’s announcement as, “possibly more of a throwback thing,” but which will almost certainly morph into something new and wonderful via Galactic’s evolutionary musical vision.Ellman also noted, “I’ve never been able to put a label on what we do. I could say it’s funk or I could say it’s R&B or jazz or whatever else, but really, it’s all of that.” Added Robert Mercurio, “It’s not that we’re always trying to push boundaries, but we definitely take influence from our hometown and try to do something new with it. We tour all around the world and we’re exposed to tons of elements that filter their way into our consciousness and come out through our music.”Listen to Galactic’s new album Already Ready Already below:Galactic – Already Ready AlreadyFor tickets and a full list of Galactic’s upcoming tour dates, head to the band’s website here.last_img read more

first_imgSaint Mary’s director of media relations Gwen O’Brien encouraged students to join the community in launching Faith Always, Action Now, the capital campaign that seeks to raise $80 million for scholarships, professorships, selected facility improvements and other projects, for the College. The reception will be held at 6 p.m. Friday in the O’Laughlin Auditorium lobby, hosting members of the community before the campaign launch event, which begins at 7 p.m.   “This event is not something to miss,” O’Brien said. “The reception and launch event will definitely excite students about Saint Mary’s and its future with this campaign.” Alumna Lindsey Anderson, a professional opera singer, is currently on campus to act as the storyteller for the evening, student body president Maureen Parsons said.   “Current students will be sharing their Saint Mary›s story and there will be video throughout as well,” she said. “The program is emotional and touching, and I think will be something students who attend will never forget.” Students are also encouraged to attend the Heritage Week dinner, which begins tonight at 5:15 p.m. Special guest speakers include board chair Mary L. Burke, a 1985 alumna, and Sister Veronique Wiedower, a 1970 graduate of the College.”The Heritage Week dinner is an annual event we have during this week each year.  This year it is a little different because of the capital campaign launch,” Parsons said. “Mary Burke is going to speak to the students about what the capital campaign is, what we are raising money for and why it is important for current students.” As a senior, Parsons knows she and her peers may never see the changes while students but said students must remember that “the renovations and new buildings we have currently are because of past alumnae investing in the College as well.”  Also part of the campaign she and her peers may never see the changes while students, but said students must remember that “the renovations and new buildings we have currently are because of past alumnae investing in the College as well.” Also part of the campaign launch festivities was a faculty luncheon hosted by College President Carol Ann Mooney on Wednesday afternoon that awarded two faculty members for their excellence at the College.  “These awards, made possible by the generosity of two alumnae and their spouses, recognize faculty members who are deeply dedicated to their students, their scholarship, and their communities,” a College press releasee said.  Mary Ann Merryman, professor of business and accounting, was presented The Donald R. and Nora Barry Fischer Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence. This award, named for the 1973 graduates of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s, respectively, recognizes excellence in discipline-specific teaching by a faculty member in upper-division courses in a major, the press release said.  “In addition to her typical teaching responsibilities, over the past nine years, Merryman has organized and coached a team of four to compete in the INCPAS Case Competition, competing against teams from colleges and universities across Indiana,” the press release said. “Merryman has led Saint Mary’s teams to the final six for seven of the last eight years with the teams finishing first in 2010 and 2011.” Merryman is a certified public accountant account who received her Bachelor of Science from Manchester College and her Master of Science in Accountancy from Notre Dame. Jayne Kendle, associate professor of nursing, was presented with The Kevin J. and Marijo Rogers Kelly Service Award, named for the 1977 graduates of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s, respectively. This award recognizes a faculty member who demonstrates exceptional commitment to local, regional, nationa, or international service to his or her academic field, according to the press release.  “Kendle has expanded her service role to include serving as a Board member of the O’Hana Heritage Foundation helping to establish A Rosie Place, a specialty care hospital for medically fragile children,” the press release said. “She continues to work to educate Indiana legislators and work with the State Department of Public Health to secure funds to support these families.” Kendle received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Evansville and has a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Missouri.last_img read more

first_imgBizovačka ravnica, as Bizovačke toplice is called from miles away, from today (June 7) turn into the largest Slavonian beach with the largest wave pool in Croatia. Although various projections of the refurbishment of the Termia hotel have been made for the past two years, but since practically nothing has been invested in the hotel for 30 years, Bluesun decided to demolish the hotel and build a new and larger one on new foundations. “In these past 5 years, with the wise and thoughtful investments of Bizovačke toplice, we have literally lifted from the ashes, rebranded and not only regained its old glory, but they have become synonymous and an example of good business, top health and tourism services, not only in Slavonia ” Medak concludes. Thus, the story of Bizovačke toplice, after years of glory, and a period of decline and bankruptcy, experienced a new life cycle, which is certainly a great wind behind the development of tourism in Slavonia. Number of visitors to Slavonian Sea from season to season it grows, last 2018 was excellent in all numbers, for example, the most visited weekend last summer was the one from 10 to 12 August when the beach was visited as many as 8.515 guests. This is also the best result in the last five years. Renovation of the Hotel Termia as the last phase of the renovation of Bizovac Spa “We expect an increase in revenue from arrivals and catering services by some 15 percent, I think we have a record season ahead of us, given last year’s results, that is, that we could exceed the number of 150 thousand tickets sold.” says Medak Part of Bizovac Aquapolis, opened on May 01, and in its fifth season on the waves visitors along 11 pools (recreational, children’s, non-swimmers, semi-Olympic, 3 massage, 2 thermal, outdoor family and wave pool), sauna, 5 restaurants, multipurpose playground, free parking and wi fi welcomes a new investment in “Slavonian beach”. After many years of decay and stagnation, Bizovačke toplice slowly, but certainly today, took over again in 2014 by taking over the company Sunčane toplice doo, owned by the well-known entrepreneur Jake Andabaka (op.a. the company Sunčane toplice doo) is not part of the joint stock company Sunce koncern dd its well-deserved place as one of the trademarks of Slavonia. “We have expanded. As of this year, the sun deck is 800 m2 bigger, now we have as many as 1600 deck chairs, 500 more than last year – so we can truly say that we have the most tidy, most beautiful and largest beach in Slavonia. In addition to the increased area of ​​the sun deck, visitors can expect new changing cabins, and we have also increased the number of seats in catering facilities, and thus the quality of service.”Points out Marcel Medak, director of the company Bizovačke toplice.  “The last and most demanding investment phase in Bizovačke toplice is the demolition of the old Hotel Termia and the construction of a new one. By the way, the projects for the renovation and refurbishment of the old hotel were done twice, but the most cost-effective solution was to demolish the existing, old hotel and build a new one. The preliminary design for the new hotel is finished, and we will start demolishing the old and building a new hotel when the financial construction is completely closed. ” Medak points out. The new four-star Hotel Termia, instead of the previous 120, will have 160 superbly equipped rooms, a wellness center that will use the benefits of the unique Bizovac thermal water, and at the same time with its construction it is planned to build additional water attractions and a camp. will be between 16 and 17 million euros. Since the entire complex has been renovated, from the spa and bathing area, the last phase of the renovation of the entire complex – the Hotel Termia – has begun. Bizovačke toplice was bought from the company Sunčane toplice doo, owned by the well-known entrepreneur Jake Andabaka, in 2014 after the seventh auction, for 14 million kuna after they were completely devastated and in bankruptcy. The total investment in Bizovačke toplice will amount to around HRK 160 million.  Also, it was a record August with 51.225 visitors, which is as much as 30% more than in the same month in 2017. And as records are about to be broken, new records are expected this year. last_img read more

first_imgHedonism without borders – Colors, smells and tastes / #HeadOnEastCroatia The story was created last year, for the needs of holding the Day of Croatian Tourism in Slavonia, and the great news is that the event has turned into a brand concept that continues. Thus, as a continuation of the story, an introductory slogan was created, and the event was also held this year, but of course on a much smaller scale due to the epidemiological situation. New short promotional videos have now been recorded, promoting active and wine tourism and the gastronomy of Osijek-Baranja County. The whole of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem already have something to offer and show, certainly a program filled with seven days, but first we focus and sell for three days, ie a weekend trip to Slavonia. Move your boundaries, and start selling the continent in the market. It is now “sharing cards” and positioning itself in the market, and it will be too late later. Agencies are key Hedonism without borders – active in nature / #HeadOnEastCroatia #HeadOnEast is a great slogan and concept, and it is a great pity that it did not come to life as the slogan of the whole of Slavonia. Of course, there is still a lot to do and round up, but tango always takes two. Let’s push our boundaries and move forward through synergy. How? The first step. Call the county offices of the Tourist Board and make the first contact or ask the “almighty” Google. And this time I emphasize again, without the activation of domestic travel agencies, it is difficult to initiate a more serious focus on continental and rural destinations. It was this crisis that highlighted the need for nature, new destinations without large crowds, and a focus on the continent and rural areas. Move your borders, head to the east of Croatia! – is the slogan of the Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board as part of the phenomenal #HeanOnEast concept. PS You know, the distance between Osijek and Split and Zagreb is the same in both directions. Hedonism without borders – Wine postcards / #HeadOnEastCroatialast_img read more

first_imgLeading Edge 18 Aug 2014Brendan Malone of The Leading Edge has just published an exclusive article exposing the Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ (ALRANZ) for their dishonesty and hypocrisy in using a new front website to target NZ medical professionals who don’t share their political and ideological views on abortion.ALRANZ have failed to disclose that they are the owners of the new website , either on the website itself or in the official media release about the website yesterday.“Not only have they failed to disclose this important fact, but they have even used deliberately misleading statements, such as the claim that this website is a “new grassroots project” in their official media release” says Brendan Malone of the Leading Edge“This website exposes ALRANZ as an organisation riddled with grave hypocrisy. Just last year they strongly condemned a group of Southland pro-lifers who had requested that their local DHB release the details of practitioners who were participating in abortions in their local area so that pro-life people in Southland had the option to use alternative providers who did not carry out abortions if they so desired. ALRANZ called this “bullying” and “intimidation”, and they were vehement and did not hold anything back in their public condemnation of the proposal to publicise the names of NZ medical practitioners who carried out abortions.”“Yet, what ALRANZ is doing here is actually far worse because they have set up a website where people can make anonymous allegations against any medical practitioner or crisis pregnancy service without any acceptable standard of proof, or any basic natural justice protections for those New Zealanders who are being publicly accused on this website,” says Mr Malone.“This website is highly unethical and almost certainly leaves ALRANZ open to serious legal ramifications whenever false allegations are made on their new website – something that is inevitable given the nature of this site.”“This is probably why they have made the calculated decision to deliberately hide their involvement in this ugly attempt to target NZ medical practitioners and crisis pregnancy centres who exercise their legal right to not refer for abortions” says Brendan Malone.Read more details at the Leading Edge article here: lists GPs opposed to abortion Stuff 19 August 2014A new online database that lists doctors allegedly opposed to terminations and contraception is a “name and shame” exercise, an anti-abortion group says.The database on the website My Decision, which opened on Sunday, lists dozens of medical professionals who are said to oppose abortion. The site’s advocates say patients, as consumers, have a right to know who does not offer contraception or abortion referrals because of their moral or religious views.Patients are being invited to add to the list – and practitioners are also being invited to add their own names.However, a pro-life group said the database was a name and shame exercise that targeted doctors’ reputations.My Decision spokeswoman and reproductive rights activist Terry Bellamak said the database gave patients options to seek healthcare that met their needs. “From a consumer protection standpoint it makes sense for patients to know what their healthcare provider’s stance is before they get in there prepared to make decisions.” read more

first_imgIn reality the bill provides legal immunity to anyone, who kills another, under the act, while the bill fails to provide effective oversight of the law or conscience rights for healthcare professionals.There are significant problems with the design of the bill.READ MORE: NewsHub 15 April 2016Family First Comment: Dangerous.“Patients would also have to be experiencing “enduring and intolerable suffering” and death would have to be reasonably foreseeable. How do you define ‘enduring’, ‘intolerable’, and ‘reasonably foreseeable’? And WHO determines it?Canada’s Liberal government has unveiled draft legislation on doctor-assisted suicide which would apply to adults suffering incurable illness or disability but stopped short of extending it to minors or the mentally ill for now.Legislators will vote on the draft law, which applies only to Canadians and residents in the country, by June 6.The Supreme Court of Canada overturned a ban on physician-assisted suicide last year but gave the new government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau extra time to pass legislation, adding Canada to the handful of Western countries that allow the practice.Trudeau, whose father declined treatment for cancer before his 2000 death, said Canadians were “extremely seized with this issue.”“It’s a deeply personal issue that affects all of us and our families and all of us individually as we approach the end of our lives,” he told a news conference in London, Ontario, on Thursday.“The plan we have put forward is one that respects Canadians’ choices while putting in place the kinds of safeguards needed.”Under the law, patients would have to make a written request for medical assistance in dying or have a designated person do so if they are unable.There would be a mandatory waiting period of at least 15 days in many cases, and patients would be able to withdraw a request at any time.Patients would also have to be experiencing “enduring and intolerable suffering” and death would have to be reasonably foreseeable.READ MORE: bill provides perfect cover for acts of murderAlex Schadenberg Euthanasia Prevention Coalition 14 April 2016 Bill C-14, An Act to amend the Criminal Code and to make related amendments to other Acts (medical assistance in dying) was tabled today in the House of Commons today.The bill claims to be following a more restrictive framework, and in comparison to the radical recommendations from the government committee the bill appears to be more restrictive.  last_img read more

first_imgSt. Paul, In. — “Choppers for Coppers” is a motorcycle and Jeep ride to help raise funds for the St. Paul Police Department. This year the ride will be held on August 12.  Registration starts at noon outside the St. Paul Tavern, ride leaves at 1:15 p.m. Each paid vehicle gets 1 free meal and 1 free t-shirt. Additional meals for adults are $5, children are free. Additional t-shirts are $10 each. There will be a country music artist playing from 4-7, free!last_img

first_imgIn Mohawk Metal IMCA Modified competition, defending track champion Mayden returned to victory lane.  The Springfield chauffeur became the third different winner in as many races in the division while Evan Britton posted an impressive second.  COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. (May 4) – Fan Appreciation Night IMCA winners Saturday at Cottage Grove Speedway were Jake Mayden and Buddy McHargue. Buddy McHargue became the third different winner in as many Karl Kustoms Northern SportMod events this season at Cottage Grove Speedway. (Photo by Josh Ryan) By Ben Deatherage Buddy McHargue bested the Karl Kustoms Northern SportMod field to become the third different winner in as many races so far this year. David Schmidt posted a second-place effort.last_img read more

first_img Press Association After Asmir Begovic kept out an early strike from Albion captain Chris Brunt, the hosts – who went into the contest having lost their last three Barclays Premier League games and seven of their previous nine – were the better side in a scrappy first half. They could not pose any great threat to the Baggies goal, though, with a deflected Jon Walters effort being their closest attempt. The match improved slightly after the break, but neither team could find a winner, with West Brom’s Romelu Lukaku and Stoke’s Peter Crouch unable to convert headers. Stoke’s losing streak came to an end but they had to settle for a point after failing to make a breakthrough as they recorded a goalless draw against West Brom at the Britannia Stadium.center_img It had been a fairly lively opening from the Baggies, but the hosts began to settle down from there, albeit without carving out any really clear-cut opportunities. Geoff Cameron chested down from a failed attempted clearance by West Brom and fired off-target, and there were then claims that Ben Foster had handled the ball outside the area. Referee Mike Dean judged that the England goalkeeper had been fouled by Cameron Jerome on his way out of the box and awarded a free-kick to the visitors. Crouch was next to send a header too high, before Walters saw a shot from outside the box deflect off Jonas Olsson and spin just wide. Shortly after the restart, the in-form Lukaku – scorer of eight goals in his previous 11 Premier League games – got his head to a Jerome Thomas cross, but it bounced through to Begovic. Within a minute, Crouch nodded the ball onto the roof of Foster’s net from a Matthew Etherington delivery. Youssouf Mulumbu struck off-target with around 15 minutes remaining and Marc Wilson then headed wide from a corner. Ryan Shawcross fired a shot against Foster towards the end, but the assistant linesman’s flag was raised. Kenwyne Jones was in a similar position in the box at the death and onside as he chested the ball down, but he could not put his shot beyond Foster. last_img read more