New ideas for rural entrepreneurship river black pig to join the blank market prospects

rural entrepreneurship as long as the election of the project, in many ways there are advantages richly endowed by nature, the following Xiaobian to introduce a new rural entrepreneurial ideas, hoping to bring some reference and inspiration for your business.

tuhe pig join, good taste, high nutrition, has been higher in pork. Today, investment projects for people to bring real health without pollution without added delicious, for people to enjoy the health and quality of delicious enjoyment. Natural health is worth the rest assured, in joining, the quality is fully guaranteed. Produced from the exclusive ecological farming cooperatives, the selection of hybrid improved organic pigs, pigs enjoy the highest animal welfare treatment.   river black pig to join, here are built in the international leading standard pig house, all day sterilization, configuration of air conditioning, featured music edification, pure organic feed, drinking pure water, without any added.

tuhe pig joined certification through breeding, slaughter, quarantine, storage, logistics, sales of the six aspects of the audit, the organic food certification institution. The whole 0 add 0 hormones to ensure pure ecological quality, is to highlight the noble quality, taste the best choice for a healthy life. Health products, will bring a better market, bring more profit space, and therefore attract a lot of people, can be eaten raw, modern research found that   black river pig to join the river, is a nutritious tonic health products. It contains 17 kinds of amino acids, linoleic acid content is 2.5 times higher than in pigs, while linoleic acid is the most important by the scientific community that only human and essential fatty acids, the body can not synthesize itself must be a fat obtained by the daily food in the community of acid, the growth ratio has a very important significance.

tuhe pig to join the market project, will get more business opportunities, get more satisfactory profit, the ecological pig breeding base "personalized music feeding method in piggery and play beautiful music, and equipped with air conditioning, can automatically adjust the temperature for piglets are pig, live more comfortable, more energetic. The use of this technology to raise the quality of pork meat, meat rate is high, long shelf life,   black pig to join the river, and meat without heavy metals and drug residues.   ecological food more and more recognized by people, joining is a good choice to invest.

tuhe pig to join, to win more perfect people’s trust, the market sentiment is high, has a good reputation. Since listing, has been highly recognized by customers. Choose, lucky to enjoy a healthy ecological delicious. No market experience, physical store management, headquarters specific training, follow up guidance. Combined with promotional activities and gifts, allowing you to easily operate, happy to get rich! Join the taste good,   acts river black pig to join, healthy natural more delicious, even if it is 60 yuan a pound of high price, also attracted countless people to come, good market opportunities. Healthy and delicious pork, the preferred brand!


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