Men’s blind date 50 failed height is only 162 also asked the woman has Yan

Jiangsu man working in Shanghai, over the years 50 times failed, due to the height of only 162CM, no room no car and the woman’s appearance quite demanding, the 33 year old Ming song is still alone.

2015 in the first half of this year, after minsong went to Shanghai to work in Songjiang, colleagues introduced four or five blind date to him, a girl of 90 minsong and the met, also went to the Thames Town playing, but later still settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

has been single for 32 years, the song don’t know how long the road of marriage. However, things took place in November 11, 2015. The reporter Song Ming song "blind date story" in the singles day after the Internet, more than 20 girls plus Ming song for friends.

In order to meet the

in January 25th this year, early in the morning, on the way to the subway station, dressed minsong suddenly a little nervous, wedding dream suddenly so near. To the agreed place, loose phone contact girl. But to see her for a moment, minsong froze.

minsong afterwards secretly told reporters: "she is the video with the gap is too big."

girl after that also angry: "what qualifications do you have to pick to pick, you don’t have a car didn’t room wasugly too, like me to marry you, you also don’t thrifty woman, then wish you find a better."

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