nternet plus intelligent manufacturing business competition will be the champion in the South China

2015 entrepreneurship competition has recently been the last race, a lot of entrepreneurial team on stage to show their innovation and creativity. 15 teams compete for 29 days in the South China Sea entrepreneurship award, decided at the final champion.

29, 2015 south "Internet plus intelligent manufacturing" entrepreneurial contest staged in the South China sea. 15 strong team contest the final competition, received from Microsoft, Uber, Chinese Innovation workshop (yuho), the daughter, 5 large coffee industry composed of mentors and undergo a rigorous assessment form 10 China line investment institutions ten investment group "prick", "sound live APP" won the final champion.

It is reported that

for example from Shenzhen project "crazybaby" to bring the world’s first maglev automatic Hi-Fi sound, looks like a "singing saucer", plus a cool product design concept to the bursting sense of science and technology has become the focus of attention, Li Kaifu was appointed the project this year, complete the angel round of financing. Zhang Haixing, founder of the project, its core members mostly from TCL, Lenovo, SKYWORTH group and other home appliances, 3C industry, and have more than ten years working background.

this year Foshan local projects also highlights a lot, both intelligent Home Furnishing O2O platform, "down to earth" project, and intelligent robot, 3D smart glasses, clean energy generation air purification "on the big" project. For example, Foshan science and technology limited company to bring "informed" intelligent electric power + Internet "God" project, is an open hardware barrier, using the power of big data monitoring and alarm system, nanny energy services can provide safe use of electricity, worry and money for the user, has been with the electricity sector, agriculture departments and banks reached cooperation intention.

29 on the morning of contest in the scene roadshow and reply form, the 15 branch of the project team to play the market prospects, capital docking results and demand, brand introduction project in detail, at the same time also had a brief tutorial pre docking promotion. The audience mentors and investment group according to the seven development prospect of the project, the degree of innovation, the founding team structure, business plan and field performance of plate scoring, the final "sound live APP" won the championship, handheld ECG, Star Park parking was runner up, the future F store and crazybaby runner up.

in entrepreneurship competition, we can see the current business recommendation


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