Open pet clothing store monthly net profit of 25 thousand yuan original trick here

now more and more families are starting to raise pets, so pet clothing stores become a hot business. And because of the low threshold of pet clothing store intervention (average initial investment of about fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan), popular grassroots investors welcome. Most pet clothing stores are in a state of maintenance. Here’s a look at the industry is how successful operators


expert opinion (Tianjin Small Animal Protection Association Deputy Secretary General Liu): from the business perspective, sales of pet apparel products, will encounter the "Zhuangshan" phenomenon, namely different shops are selling the same item of clothing, this will lead to a price war, will seriously affect the operator’s profit. The development of customized services can better solve this problem, to ensure that their own sales of clothing is the only one, but also due to customized services are personalized service, its profit margins are relatively high. According to the survey, the net profit margin of more than 50%, and the net profit of finished apparel sales is not more than 30%.

threshold: off-season is an invisible threshold in Beijing Ms. Tu in 2011 opened a clothing store pet, at the beginning of the months, business has been good, the monthly profit can reach 10 thousand yuan, but after entering in July, business straight down, until November a good turn. At the end of a calculation, the average monthly net profit of three thousand or four thousand yuan only.

in the market at present some operation good pet clothing store, generally taken to be diversified, such as in the off-season and pet supplies, pet food; grooming services……


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