What is the 4 era of Chengdu industry

in the process of rapid economic development, enterprises actively adapt to the development of the times, and actively do a good job in the transformation and upgrading, so as to be able to in the fierce competitive environment, made a series of great development. This time, the 4 industry in Chengdu is what kind of, and the following small specific understanding.

Jincheng observation

According to the statistical data of

in July 14th, the Chengdu Municipal Commission by letter of January to May this year, Chengdu city’s industrial investment 76 billion 650 million yuan, an increase of 27.8%, the growth rate is higher than the national, the province’s 22.4 percentage points and 17.3 percentage points of growth, output ranked third sub provincial city and first.


large projects to promote large industrial park

10 days ago, in Chengdu City, the third industrial competition in the zipper "summary of the meeting, put forward new requirements:" the next " competing in the zipper, " not only than the project, more than the infrastructure construction of industrial park."

look at the progress, looking for gaps, than the lack of learning experience – from the beginning of this year, such a scene, no longer unfamiliar to all districts and counties of Chengdu. Similarly, similar to the direct leadership of the municipal Party committee and municipal government direct pressure is not the first time.

behind the pressure, is to enter the "trillion" threshold of the city after the development path of Chengdu again clear: industry, one industry set the universe, to build a National Center City, inseparable from the support of the industry. Must aim at the commanding heights of China, to promote the low-end manufacturing upgrade in Chengdu, in the middle of the rise, high-end breakthrough, and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector, to achieve bigger and stronger Chengdu industry, from big to strong.

more intuitive goal setting is: strive to "13th Five-Year" at the end, forming more than 6 billion industry clusters; the next ten years, the country’s industrial economy into the first phalanx.

big industry can not do without big projects. "" Chengdu made " Metro Line 7 train has been trial production." According to the China Chengdu rail transportation industry park responsible person, this year, the first batch of Chengdu A Aluminum Alloy subway train will be in the industrial park to realize vehicle line and batch delivery.

in Chengdu rail transit Industrial Park, a total investment of 5 billion 70 million yuan, mainly engaged in vehicle maintenance services, maintenance services, rail transportation project and mechanical and electrical contractor business, rail transportation equipment motor repair business building. It will further promote the development and expansion of high-end equipment manufacturing chain in Chengdu."

at the same time, the electronic information industry is also a big step


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