Qingdao released consumer rights index online shopping and clothing consumption environment worrying

6 month just past, in the past this month, what industry to allow consumers to rest assured? What are the industry to allow consumers to worry about it? Qingdao city Industrial and Commercial Bureau 12315 complaints command center received a total of 2097 cases of various types of complaints, eight categories of goods and services consumer rights index (CCI) of 1106 cases, the average consumer rights index was 77.15, representing an increase of 11.26% over the same period last year, an increase of 17.98%, the overall level of consumption environment assessment for the "rest assured". Among them, the "online trading" and "clothing and footwear" consumer environment rating as "worry". Regional average consumer rights index 62.28, the regional consumer environment rating as "rest assured". Consumer rights index high district has 92.41 Huangdao District, Pingdu City, Licang and the District of 69.39, 67.77.

6 months, the number of complaints about online trading products were 65 pieces, the average amount of $966.81 involved, activist index was 102.79, an increase of 78.69%. Market consumption environment rating as "worry".

The main problems are:

clothing and shoes make people worry

6 month, clothing and footwear products complaints amount of 178, with an average amount of about $1102.07, activist index was 100.26, an increase of $87.57%. Market consumption environment rating as "worry".

The main problems are:

6 months, household appliances and computer products complaints amount of 245, with an average amount of about $788.36, activist index was 87.19, a decline of 11.82%. Market consumption environment rating as "rest assured".

with the gradually warming weather, air-conditioning fan sales usher in the peak period, the main problems are: the market reflects the air-conditioning products, delivery, installation, maintenance is not timely; TV black screen, washing machine sales, the frequent failure of individual businesses, small appliances refrigerator refrigeration effect of poor quality is poor; individual operators do not fill in the maintenance records, customer service service in accordance with the provisions of recommendation


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