Dry pot business hot election is very important to the dishes

now there are a lot of people prefer to eat dry pot, at the same time, but also led to a number of hot pot shop business on the market, people have invested. Open the pot shop is not difficult, it is difficult how to choose dishes, then open the pot shop how to choose dishes?

redo old dishes

nine fragrance dry pot stores can timely launch of old dishes, old, long to find the taste for the customer, make the old dish theprocessofrejuvenation. Old dishes redo, in addition to meeting people’s nostalgia complex, but also a return to the concept of food and beverage.

meat and vegetable dish

are fineEach part of the

will be more fresh vegetables, usually known as the fine food, which is known as the old hard and coarse food. Are to be doing fine, often become a must on the table. For example, Sichuan in the "gourmet food" — Chinese Cabbage in Soup, is a typical representative of the fine fine food.


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