What do the Olympic athletes do

the end of each session of the Olympic Games, there will be veterans of the Olympic athletes who ushered in the retirement, which is time can not be stopped, this session of the Rio Olympic Games after the end will undoubtedly face such a problem. And these Olympic athletes after retirement is to choose further study, or choose to start a business, naturally different entrepreneurs will have different choices. Of course, many of them are successful entrepreneurs. So, the Olympic athletes who do poineering work?

In the 32 years since the

1984 games in Losangeles, China won a total of 201 gold medals. The Chinese team to a huge team of 416 people to the Rio olympics. It can be seen that the Chinese delegation is full of confidence in the Olympic games.

in addition, since the Rio Olympics Chinese sports delegation dress since the release of the public there will be "tomato scrambled eggs" Tucao constantly for three consecutive years of the Olympic Games, we have to ask ourselves, the company really don’t need to replace it?

game will not be a permanent stage, even if the real winner of the Olympic Games, but also will find a new battlefield to become a winner again, and the mall is undoubtedly the most easy to bring wealth and glory of the battlefield. We might as well take a look at, after the Olympic champion who succeeded in becoming president of chaos.


Sports: gymnastics

venture: sporting goods company

, the prince of gymnastics, founded the sporting goods company named after him in 1990. After more than and 20 years of development and exploration, Lining brand has become China’s most successful sports brand, and in 2004 listed in Hongkong. Although Lining in the past few years into a loss of adversity, but according to 2015 earnings, Lining achieved profitability, annual revenue of 7 billion 90 million yuan, net profit of $14 million 300 thousand.

Tian Liang

Sports: diving

entrepreneurial projects: home, automotive, sports industry company

2004, Tian Liang began quietly in the sea. He opened a company in Chongqing section kitchenware products agent in Xi’an set up a Porsche automobile sales company. In 2006, Tian Liang set up the "Shaanxi sports development industry company," chairman of his own, officially marked the beginning of his entry into the mall, the company’s first project is to build a large tennis hall. Meanwhile, Tian Liang also bought a piece of land with a real estate business in Xi’an, the development of a large real estate. From a diving champion to become a billionaire, Tian Liang took less than 8 years


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