What steps need to go through children’s wear shop

open children’s clothing store? The outlook is good. You want to successfully create wealth, need a practical step by step to every aspect of the work. What are the specific steps? Many franchisees are not very understanding of this issue, and quickly with the small series together to see it, I hope to help you.


Fourth, to operate the registration department in consultation, investigation is completed, generally 30 days can get a business license.

in the completed business registration, tax registration, health and other aspects of the work.

shop site

1. the best choice in the business atmosphere is relatively strong, large traffic, the popularity of high-end integrated shopping malls around;

2. in the popularity and visibility of large commercial street (passenger demand to meet the characteristics of the target customer base);

3. is selected in the vicinity of the high-profile shops or shopping malls (such as McDonald’s, KFC, Hualian, Yokado near


4. is chosen in the neighborhood of large communities, residential areas.

in addition, but also consider other space arrangement. If the warehouse is located in the rear of the store, there should be enough space to store the goods which are not easy to store behind the counter. If necessary, the repair room should be reserved. Toilet is also indispensable, because it can provide the convenience of the guests, especially for those remote stores should be the case.



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