Successful venture and how much money does not have much relationship

a lot of people who want to start a business because of the lack of venture capital, had to give up. But now there are a lot of entrepreneurial projects on the market, the amount of money invested, even if you do not get rich can also find a good project for their own business. If you have the ability, want to start a business is not difficult.

1: consider your interests, do what you like best, just make work fun. You can better develop in this industry.

2: analyze your experience, do what you do best. Professional identity, will let you in a lot of things handy.

3: here to emphasize the relationship channel, this is the accumulation of social life. One more channel equals one more chance. Often make a fortune. This is not unreasonable.

my thoughts and my approach is:

1, compounding money. Is this good time. It is equivalent to the high interest of the money, get the benefits to the.

2, double money. A man with superhuman powers, can not earn much, to do a lot of people working for you, a lot of road for you to make money, a lot of places for you money.

3, the use of others to make money for you, liberate themselves, their talents have time to learn how to make money quickly.

4, will use the power of capital.

5, will use the power of contacts.

6, the use of rod power: for example, the use of other people’s strength, the power of borrowing capital…… Partners, joint venture……

7, new!

8, parasitic method, that is, to borrow a large enterprise, can also be a partnership!

9, pay more effort than others!



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