Urumqi’s first business incubator base listing

Effects of

on the management policy, more and more ethnic minority autonomous regions also work actively in the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship, to Xinjiang ebony Urumqi as an example, listing the first business incubator in Urumqi, to help minority college students entrepreneurship.

4 8, the first business incubator in Urumqi County Board listing ceremony in the board room Gou Cun Gou blue bor Kazak ethnic customs space held public record.

in Banfanggou Gou Village in Xinjiang Urumqi County Board of the Nanshan gift space more than and 50 square meters exhibition hall, filled with Kazakhstan, hand drum, manual cap embroidery bag by local guests to produce their own products. The 23 year old farmer Erkun · Guli introduced his hand woven tapestry, as the first batch of local minority hit off, she hope that through this platform will own tapestry sold further afield.

Deputy director of


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