nsist on honesty in business

each business adhere to the guidelines will be different, some people insist on providing quality services, some people insist on providing quality products, while Xiao Bian believes that good faith is the real criteria for doing business. Honesty is the foundation of long-term business, many business people are shouting "customer is God" slogan, but actually doing harm, cheating customers, fool customers customer behavior; many business people are highfalutin saying "take the customer as the center", but in fact it is the "product centric", this quick "myopia" business people, often for today’s small market lose tomorrow in the market, which is why a large number of short-lived business people "make a money is dead".

integrity is the operation of this, regardless of the operating process, or from the long-term interests of the sales point of view, integrity is the basis of your business store. In many cases, some people will be in business when business is good, driven by money, buy some low quality products, quietly shoddy, so that customers can not perceive a little change. If you do so, the loss of customers can not be avoided, when you regret, but simply can not be redeemed, therefore, in order to do a good job in business, do a long time, the most critical integrity.

another cigarette, if tobacco companies is a brand of stock or out of stock, you from illegal channels to purchase counterfeit cigarettes, this will reduce your business integrity. If you have a conscience, Gu Xiao Li, may be able to make money, but it is only immediate, short-term benefits. So say: do business, accrued long-term!

customers are God, judge the integrity of the store level judge". Good faith in the customer, we must provide customers with the same price products, warm and comfortable shopping environment, excellent quality of a full range of services, to enable customers to feel at the expense of value for money, value for money. Integrity not only benefit consumers, but also to make their own generous returns.

now there are a lot of businessmen is to adhere to the letter, will make their business is the more successful you. Li Jiacheng, the richest man in China to do business secret is a letter word. No matter how much profit, how hard to resist the temptation, do not betray their personality. If a person is too much to pursue interests, will undermine the integrity of their shops, will eventually destroy their shops.


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