How to set up shop business to reduce the cost of shop

a lot of people tired of the present job, or do not want to take so little salary after death to choose their own business, their own words are usually open a small store, so how to successfully operate their own store? The next Xiaobian for everyone to say a few ways to save costs!

: defining the decoration decoration costs is one-time investment, unable to recover the cost. Renovation of a 100 square meters of shops, put into use can be used up to $1 million, 200 thousand yuan is enough, can also get a $20 thousand. For your decoration limit, but can have inspired the bursting of the state to save money. For example, to find a group of artists, brush out the infinite creative walls, the production of cheap and interesting decoration.

water charges: wall and floor grooving, drill holes in the wall, concealed drainage tube containing PPR and PVC, hot and cold water pipes and fittings with matching accessories; after installation of cement mortar repair; the installation of artificial common faucet, wash basin and water; with the water pressure test and drainage test. (toilet, bathtub, shower room, shower faucet, shower, washbasin and other materials provided by the owners.


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