How to choose the location of professional cleaning Guide

accompanied by dry cleaning business is getting more and more fire, to join the dry cleaning industry is an increasing number of investors. There are two key steps to open a dry cleaning shop, the first step is to choose the brand, the first step is to do a good job site. Today, we mainly talk about how to choose the dry cleaning franchise? The following professional guidance strategy.

window minimum requirements to 5 meters wide, the ground can carry 600 kg / square meters of objects, the capacitance must be able to support more than 10KW, this is the minimum requirement for shops. How to choose the location? To 60 – 80 square meters store, for example, generally only about $20 – $800 thousand. Here, the geographical location of the best choice of high-grade communities, cultural and educational areas, large and medium cities relatively prosperous lot or more developed towns. And the residents around the shops shall not be less than 600 – 1000 households. It is best to double Road, the location of the vehicle can be parked for a short time.


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