How to choose investment projects in order to attract the attention of BAT

with the development of the Internet, its business opportunities are being more and more people. After eleven, the news of the acquisition of Internet giants began to pass Baidu’s acquisition of confused, business, everyone outside of the game Ali plans to buy 200 million yuan, Baidu has the intention of 3 to 400 million yuan acquisition aspect Chinese net news’s perfect much industry attention.

with strong integration in the industry. This type of enterprise has been a hot topic of investment giant, such investments can greatly reduce costs, rapid increase in the market share of the enterprise in the industry.

2013 April Baidu $370 million acquisition of PPS video business. Two of the world’s main focus on the combination of Baidu’s mobile terminal video layout, as of March this year, PPS mobile terminal active users 15 million, the length of its iOS users after QQ, micro-blog and WeChat. For the mobile terminal is relatively weak video Baidu, won the PPS and Iqiyi is a combination of the layout of the wireless market is a tough game. August, Iqiyi and PPS mobile terminal officially completed CDN, P2P technology integration. />

this move not only to develop a Tencent in >


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