How to operate a tourist shop

now people no longer need to worry about the simple life, after the good economic conditions, the heavy pressure of life, let people look forward to the release of body and mind, so the tourism industry began to hot, the tourist goods store has become the first choice for business, but such a characteristic shop, how to operate?

runs a travel goods store, how to make money? The following is a summary of some experience:

It is important to purchase cheap

! Because of the "mass line" to take most of the outdoor supplies store parity strategy, therefore, control the purchase price of goods is very important. Shanghai local tourism supplies manufacturers significantly higher prices, so go to Guangzhou, Beijing and other places to purchase. When purchasing the best contact more than a few suppliers, so that goods than three. Due to the remoteness of the region, all of the goods are required to buy a one-time cash, but can not be sold, so the higher the cost of stocking, generally requires about 100 thousand yuan, the ability to fund the entrepreneur is a major test.

chain direction is outdoor! Supplies store started the brand, has accumulated a certain amount of customer resources, can consider the mode of chain operation, which is a direction of outdoor supplies store business. There are a lot of well-known outdoor goods store in Guangzhou, which is built up by the way of franchising.

skillfully arranged off-season operation! Store management will also be affected by seasonal. The annual winter and summer are the off-season tourism, a significant reduction in the number of trips. At this time, the store may wish to organize some outdoor sports tourism theme activities, exhibition and other characteristics of secondhand items, maintain popularity. For those who love to travel entrepreneurs, may wish to take the opportunity to leave, in the off-season to go out of business travel, the way to accumulate experience and circle of friends, kill two birds with one stone.

these specific business strategy is to help business travel activities? If you have such a store, will consider these suggestions? If you are just looking for a rich project, why can’t you be a tourist project?


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