How to deal with inventory management of clothing store

venture is always a certain risk, some of the clothing store will have inventory problems, if not handled properly, it will cause huge losses. So if you want to open a clothing store, you have to solve the inventory problem

rush season to grab incremental, clothing store off-season to reduce the amount, is the fundamental strategy to enhance the sales of clothing store off-season to promote stronger than the opponent, a wider publicity and lower prices for looting. However, the need to operate the Chinese clothing store network pointed out that the absolute amount of the off-season clothing store is limited, after all, so that the intensity of the input to the degree, the degree of grab also have a degree. Moreover, the clothing store off-season sales, the same focus on potential.

1. adhere to moderate promotion

has a number of clothing stores in the spirit of "input and output proportional" principle, in the clothing store off-season compression costs. To do so, will only make greater pressure on sales, clothing store off-season lighter. Jargon is called "money does not make the tail". A modest improvement in display mode, reduce the cost and profit, and even posted the dumped goods, to maintain a moderate promotion in the clothing store off-season, especially on the formation of strong competitors sales pressure, can often achieve a multiplier effect. The consensus of most marketing experts is that it is a more sensible marketing method to invest limited funds in the off-season.

2. market shift

clothing store off-season in addition to time constraints, there are regional restrictions. In other words, at the same time, in different regional markets, the light season is different, at least to a different extent. For example, some products are "Nandan Bei Wang" and "Nanwang North Light" change characteristics. While many products when the domestic market into the consumer off-season clothing store, in the international market has entered the peak season of consumption; the off-season clothing store in the city, with signs in rural or urban and rural department may have no off-season clothing store. Chinese vast land across multiple climate zones, more market transfer maneuvers. For example, summer, when I entered the winter in the north, the south is still sunny. So, if your relationship is wide enough, you can get your new model for sale in other markets.

3. low purchase price to reduce promotional pressure

When the

season, some suppliers will be clearing, can take some appropriate, this time the price is about half the time just listed, of course, you can also say to the relationship, there is this time next season clothes factory Weihuo are out of cheap things can get more points because, this time is not fake up, things are good, of course, should pay attention to fraud, don’t put out the caviton back last year.


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