Suitable for small business projects in the district to make money summary

is now the community economy is optimistic about the public, many people want to invest in the district shop. What business district residents make money? For what to do? What shop? Want to do business in the neighborhood of the friends, if you still do what business troubles, following small series with some money in the residential area of small business for your choice.

suitable for small shops in the residential area to make money business: sewing shop

Township clothing market development is not very active, many farmers choose to do a lot of clothing, or even the winter down jacket are customized. Therefore, in the Township home sewing shop open for farmers tailored or do some sewing work, business must be good.

suitable for small shops in the residential area to make money to do business: flower soil monopoly


position should be selected in the park near or relatively prosperous area, the facade is not too big, there are 2 rooms will be. Spend a lot of soil processing plant is also a line, there are 100-200 square meters of space can be. Need to hire an expert to flower soil, according to the characteristics of various kinds of flowers, with flower soil containing different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic or inorganic fertilizer variety, to meet the needs of a variety of flowers of the 3-4 to hire a worker, buy 1 tricycles, average production according to flower soil 2-4 cubic. One year accumulative total about 10000 cubic meters of soil can flower.

suitable for small shops in the residential area to make money to do business: community small kitchen

living in a residential area of 30 square meters above the facade of the room, the monthly rent of about $2500, buy stoves, cooking utensils and other items to be around 5000 yuan, the initial investment of about $20 thousand to open. The community with the ordinary small kitchen restaurant is not the same, it is mainly for residents of a community, provide some homely dishes; in addition, can provide the raw material by the customer, with the help of a number of small kitchen processing, processing fees according to the information provided by the guests, the most important thing is to ensure the quality of service.

suitable for small businesses in the residential area to make money: fruit shop

in our daily lives, we can often see a lot of chain stores, there are clothing, beauty salons, there are fast food, especially more varieties. Recently, in the door of some residential areas, there have been a lot of fruit chain stores, the store is not only a variety of fruits, and affordable, by many people of all ages.

is suitable for the shop to make money of small businesses in the residential area and the service agency

books and services to the acquisition, the sale of old books and periodicals, while leasing, swap swap, on behalf of leasing and other services. The opening of the service is not too large, there are 2-3 million can be opened


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