The development of e-commerce in Leshan

Internet era, our economic development is inseparable from this platform. A lot of places to effectively use the Internet, the positive development of electricity providers, for the local economic development has a greater role in promoting. The following and Xiaobian together to understand what the development of e-commerce in Leshan is what?

in the context of the slowdown in the growth of traditional industries, the development of e-commerce in the city against the wind. From the Municipal Bureau of commerce data show that: in 2015, the city’s network of e-commerce transactions 17 billion 100 million yuan, ranked sixth in the province; electronic commerce network retail sales of 11 billion 800 million yuan, ranked second in the province; the city’s construction, use the platform for B2B and B2C transactions of nearly 5000 companies, ranked fifth in the province; the establishment of e-commerce company 551, the province ranked fourth, the overall size of e-commerce into the first echelon of the province.

1 to May this year, the city’s network of e-commerce transactions 9 billion 263 million yuan, an increase of 30.45%, ranked sixth in the province; electronic commerce network retail sales of 6 billion 883 million yuan, an increase of 41.36%, ranked second in the province.

three hand force to support the development of electricity providers

in recent years, in the "Internet plus" tide, electricity industry has been included in the city’s five largest emerging service industry first pilot. The municipal government attaches great importance to the development of e-commerce industry, promote e-commerce and interactive development of agricultural and industrial integration, joint development, and the development of modern service industry, the electronic commerce is to accelerate the development of a good situation.

In order to improve the

support for the "push", the city issued a "on the implementation of the views of" promoting the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce, the establishment of Leshan city to promote e-commerce development work leading group, set up a 5 million yuan of special funds for the development of electronic commerce, the municipal government held the city’s service industry and the development of e-commerce will promote. For the development of electronic commerce to lay the solid foundation for the organization and funding.

to train personnel for the "assistant", the Municipal Bureau of Commerce to carry out continuous electronic commerce of Zhejiang University special training, the city’s rural e-commerce training courses, Leshan City e-commerce forum, the city’s e-commerce precise poverty tour training, training a total of grassroots cadres, university student village, rural youth, more than 1200 people; establish effective go go out, introduction to the mechanism of two-way personnel training and build a strong talent support for the development of the electricity supplier.

electricity supplier park, platform and association as the starting point, the city Bureau of Commerce to help guide Jiajiang, Mount Emei were successfully declared national e-commerce into rural demonstration counties. The establishment of the Leshan E-Commerce Association, built the "Jingdong · Chinese specialty · Leshan Pavilion", "Muchuan Ali rural characteristics Museum", "Leshan


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