Home fishing gear shop investment is not big

venture capital is based on the need for funds, although some business opportunities are good, but because of large investment, leading investors can not choose. So, home fishing gear shop investment is not big? Let Xiaobian do a simple analysis.

open fishing gear shop is a good choice, the industry’s gross profit is generally more than 25%. Remove all expenses, net profit of not less than 17%–18%, and the risk is not big, you have to hurry up. Especially in many places is everywhere fishing places, if you haven’t opened the surrounding fishing shop, shop or rarely, you took.

for the first time to invest in small and medium-sized shops in general, about 3–3.5 million up and down, after the rolling funds in general there are several thousand dollars is enough. After the Spring Festival is a good time to purchase, a spring is ready for fishing, until June is the golden season of gear sales, in the second half of the season and into the beginning of autumn.

fishing gear manufacturers are now more, the distribution of goods are very convenient, but also very active, they have sales throughout the country, often to the dealer to sell points. Inappropriate products can be returned. Every spring and autumn will be held in the provinces of the order, you can talk to them about specific matters, including shipping conditions.

Some dealers in Hanzhoung and Hubei Shaanxi

us "fishing king", "Dragon King hate", "ghosts" and Weihai’s "Di" and other companies have very good relationships, they are now receiving cash on delivery, some also take the scroll payment, therefore, their business is very good.

since venture capital business, naturally need to take into account the factors of the market, and from the current market point of view, open fishing gear shop is undoubtedly a good prospect of the cause, it is worth our entrepreneurial choice. Of course, if you want to successfully open a fishing gear shop, naturally also need to prepare adequate costs.


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