Small investment cosmetics store should pay attention to what problems

cosmetics industry profits, the market is broad, in the huge market opportunities, we work with you for tomorrow. Open the door to a successful enrichment, investment cosmetics shop, you need to pay attention to what issues, we look at it.


is very familiar with the analysis of cosmetics sales Yue veteran Lin Bin at present, Hangzhou cosmetics sales sub terminal vendors, circulation vendors and professional vendors three kinds of "community store" belongs to the terminal sales, stores at least 30 square meters. For the specific site selection method, Shao Jianjun proposed to choose from the bus station near the point, it is best to be in the intersection of the two communities, within 15 minutes of walking can be reached. The target customer base to be clear, the community store consumers must be residents, they often go out of the vehicle is the bus ride, every day must be able to see your shop is the best way to promote."

Shao, at the junction point of two District stores is a good choice from the district is nearly two, as Hangzhou District, West Plaza Caihe and some communities have similar shops. Find the shop, the decoration of the link can not be ignored, only one purpose: clean. The glass walls, color mainly plain, such as white, pink, etc.. At the same time, the shop seat, related cleaning equipment should be kept clean and tidy, give the customer a good visual impression.

How much money to open a cosmetics shop


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