Ridge bone marrow market is a good investment in the whole ridge ridge ridge Health Museum money

if you want to start a business, you must first understand that the election is very important to the industry, which is the first prerequisite for successful business, followed by the ability. Today, more and more attention to health, investment in health services industry is undoubtedly a very good choice. With the economy, people’s income increased, bone, bone care industry is also fast. This is because the spine disease, will bring great pain to patients with cervical and lumbar disease as an example.

1. low back pain, headache. Pain is the first symptom of most patients, the incidence rate is about 91%. Pain is more painful, often accompanied by numbness, acid swelling feeling.

2. limb pain, which is caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve.

3. neck waist activity limited   because of the prominent parts of the peripheral nerves and tissues, resulting in muscle stiffness, activity is not convenient.

4. claudication, claudication is intermittent, just walk a distance away from the lower limb pain, weakness, bend or squat rest symptoms can be alleviated, still can continue to walk.

5. sensory numbness   part of the pain will not appear in the limbs, but only a sense of numbness of the limbs, which is mostly due to the intervertebral disc tissue compression of the proprioceptive and tactile nerve fibers caused by.

6. severe systemic paralysis.

discerning investors will turn their attention to the health industry, spinesetting nourishing bone in this field is the market hot, hot investment. Today, people’s income increases, raising bone, bone care industry is also fast. 2015, good luck ridge ridge health museum is undoubtedly a very correct choice of entrepreneurs, which will cause a turning point, good recommendation


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