How to open a good Tianjin noodle shop in the community

want to do specialty food business, Tianjin rice vermicelli most favored by the public investors. Characteristics of rice as a snack, relying on the community can be more convenient access to a huge number of consumer groups, so the characteristics of the rice noodle shop opened in the community is a very correct choice. So for investors, how in the community to open a good Tianjin vermicelli shop?

1. positioning enough quasi

in the community to open the Tianjin rice noodle shop, community catering is mainly for the residents living in the community services, which is different from the commercial and tourist areas in the restaurant. Customers come to dinner, to the benefits. Therefore, the characteristics of rice shops in the price to be particularly reasonable, so as to have enough charm to attract residents from home. At present, the second, in the minds of the people, the size of the dishes is also a synonym for affordable, specialty rice noodle shop if the volume is large, then the guests can be less dishes. Even if you can not eat can pack home, feeling very cost-effective.

2. dishes enough home

said that the characteristics of the community to join the choice of rice noodle shop style, naturally to taste home cooked dishes based. Because, community catering is to meet the community residents daily dining and a simple gathering of friends. So, at the beginning of the opening of the Tianjin rice vermicelli shop, the operator should be able to take into account the characteristics of rice noodles, what dishes can make the guests do not eat every day. This requires the community of food chefs from ordinary homely dishes to seek highlights. Even a plain like "oil spicy noodle" that every family will do the simple dishes, also want to build it as a classic dish, let customers eat a hundred tire. Allow customers to rush to the dishes, and often patronize the characteristics of rice shops.

3. serve enough fast

in the community to open the Tianjin rice noodle shop, just mentioned that the community is different from the restaurant chain catering business, customers come here to eat straight, no conversation and entertainment. In this case, the community food serving speed must be fast, is the best dish in 2 minutes on the table (at the point on the edge), hot dishes as possible in 5 minutes on the table. Don’t let the guests urge vegetables, which requires the kitchen must fully prepared, as much as possible to shorten the interval between order and served. In fact, the service should be fast enough, you can also increase the rate of turn the restaurant, not only benefit people, more selfish.

4. room service to "new"

Internet era to keep up with the trend, WeChat has changed everyone’s habits, WeChat ordering is a fashion, WeChat pay is a new way to pay. More people close to the heart, the end of the day at home to cook, do not want to go downstairs, picked up the mobile phone a few delicious meals, once sent, and there can be points, recommended


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