How to sell sweet potatoes is successful

When the

king of comedy Stephen Chow started is for others to walk on, King Andy Lau started out to others washed the dishes, when many successful people started and go out from these little characters, there is a small sell sweet potato today, on their own success and success let us, these small figures are relieved.

must do something

pay the freshman tuition, Li Kengqiang has no money. The most difficult time, meals are not, thanks to the Central South University of Forestry and Technology Steamed Rice canteen is a buffet, and eat for free. Others lack money to find a home, Li Kengqiang can only rely on their own. He had to do something".

use the weekend to work, can earn more than 20 yuan a day, not enough to eat, let alone save tuition fees! A few classmates together under the living expenses, Li Kengqiang decided to do a small business.

what to do small business? This money can not do; slow to make money to maintain life. Most afraid of, in case of loss, the only capital has become a liability, can not afford to lose.

there is no other way, Li Kengqiang had to learn from others, see what good do. Spread the stall, dilapidated…… Humble dignity suffered pressure to survive, Li Kengqiang teeth straight spine.

once, Li Kengqiang saw a fried ham sausage stalls fire. In the evening, they received the stalls, he began to clean up the stalls lost ham skin, there are more than and 470. Ham sausage purchase price of 6 cents, sold 1 yuan, after deducting the cost of gas, oil, spices, each earned 3 cents a day to earn 100 yuan. Fried ham operation is simple, little investment, Li Kengqiang think this deal can be done. Get up at four in the morning, rushed to the wholesale market to buy ham sausage, peeling, cut back, 6 Chutan, busy until 7:30, hurried to go to class. At noon, Li Kengqiang began to stall. On the afternoon of class, and went to the stall, until 12 p.m..

Li Kengqiang was placed in the food stalls in the forest, street, where a large flow of people, the students come and go, the first day, Li clang earned 100 yuan.

The pressure of survival of

as the shadow follows the form of customer is God, Li Kengqiang, to do business more attentively. Ham sausage, spices, are selected, and no less greedy into the inferior products; pay special attention to health when processing; fried when the attention of the furnace. It is precisely because every detail is dedicated, Li Kengqiang’s business is very good.

and students chat, reading newspapers online, Li Kengqiang is most concerned about what business is good, who did what business to make money. Li Kengqiang also found a more profitable business – selling sushi, said to earn hundreds of dollars a day.

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