Sources of original articles in Langao Forum

many webmaster should be the same as me. I haven’t read many books. The article is very bad. I always think I should write several articles every day. My writing level will be improved, but I’m wrong. None of the articles written by the center ask questions, and they are not willing to read it, not to mention readability. For our forum (Langao forum, although the writing is bad, but still have to improvise to write a few original, who wants us webmaster so bitter?.

thought of writing, I have a big head, did not move the keyboard before what ideas are thought to be good, but it is not the case, write and run, the results do not know some of what, so sometimes I pay someone to write a few articles. AD5 asked someone to write an article for 2 yuan, which is rather cheap for a paid stationmaster, but for me it is a high price. So rarely buy, buy a maximum of 10 a month.

so why can I stand in just a month included (Baidu) 600 up to 11000 pages? In fact, the method is very simple, that is, always adhere to the original, high-quality original. Here you may have doubts, you do not say that you write the article super rotten, and how high-quality original?. Ha ha, here I want to tell you some secrets. I belong to the lazy webmaster, but lazy lazy way, now the technology is developed is not ready for the lazy? Well now, Langao forum has been at the exploratory stage difficult at the beginning of the site, posting daily volume of less than 20, the average daily traffic of about 100ip. See later understand to write the log in the QQ space, went to see his diary every day, maybe used to log it, sometimes look at other friends, found that only the original written articles I will offer some reproduced to my forum for everyone to share, so I a lot of original sources the popularity is also gradually increase, because my hair articles are friends from the heart, to see how many ordinary people have some feeling. Will reply a few words, sometimes they envy my writing style very much, also can publish several works of oneself in the forum, I will reply one by one. Before July 15, our forum included only 600 articles, and now it has exceeded 10000. Daily traffic also exceeded 200IP, the highest time, 3000 of PV are generally maintained at around 4000. With such achievements, I have been very satisfied, after all, just a county-level forum, few people would have access to the internet.

said so much just tell you a treasure trove of mining. In fact there are many ways you can go to explore, but many webmaster is a reason not willing to share with you, for fear of being "robbed him of his job, in fact, you are wrong, we are not damn what are the monopoly of Tencent. We do not have a grass-roots webmaster money, two no technology, I have only one step by step difficult to explore, if you tell him today a shortcut, perhaps tomorrow you confused, he will take you out of trouble. Well, to say nothing is useless


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