Personal webmaster success three road

first, here is the definition of success, for the owners to make money, the website can make a lot of money, because of personal webmaster want to site bigger and stronger, it is not easy, other companies holding tens of millions or even several hundred million in venture capital, and you are just individual level are different, so how to fight? Can make money for personal website even if successful webmaster.

now do not have personal Webmaster Station, call the three modes of innovation, imitation, fiction. Three roads are not good, but also some people have successfully come out, which way to choose, the webmaster can read the following analysis, their choice.

1, innovation, do what others do not have. If others do not, then you are the strongest competition, people who are not, do not think the success is difficult, if there is a market demand, everyone has a mobile phone now, you go to a BB machine, and no one is your competition, nobody need that stuff.


is now, to make no one else on the Internet, not impossible, but it is difficult, as long as there is demand, people will do, if your mind is so special, so think about it slowly, come up with new stuff, you can send, if not, can also take a step the upset as fresh, fewer competitors, the probability of success is high.

2, imitate, do better than others. Can not innovate, can not play new things, you can only imitate, imitate the success of the model, to provide special services, may be able to share a cup of soup.

the most successful case, I do not say, we all know, has been imitating, has been successful. But even the most successful, also has his shortcomings, or fails to meet the user’s place, this is the personal webmaster to do, to imitate the success of the product, providing special service, as long as the market is large enough, the leak is enough to feed you.

3, fiction, do not exist at all. Internet users just like to search for something that doesn’t exist, such as a TV play or a movie. When they haven’t made it yet, everyone has already started searching, playing and downloading online.

There is no

content less people, at least not a big company block in front of you, they have no reason to take tens of millions of venture capital to compete with you? So only may be some personal webmaster, everyone the same level, you will be afraid of? But the problem is obvious, as the fictional content the site, will become the garbage station, do you mind? Not before the interview said 300 people a garbage station, the monthly income of 3-10 million


three road, a lot of success, failure more, their choice. (text /


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