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was on the forums to see some small webmaster complaining about Baidu, said Baidu’s algorithm has a problem, Baidu is said to support the original, but after some relatively low weight of original content website issued by major search reprint this article, or to reproduced large to the row in front of their own, psychology is very unfair here, hope you try not to tangle in the matter.

of Baidu search engine, his main customer is the major search crowd, more famous, for the dissemination of an article reprinted after this article can give better, this is Baidu search engine as a mission to let more people see a better article. Baidu’s approach is correct. As one of the more famous websites reproduced the contents of the article is more credibility, but also improve the weight of this article, can let more people to learn new knowledge, in this article the author’s point of view in order to have a better propaganda effect.

personally think that Baidu still has the ability to judge out an article of the original and the original source of the Baidu in the future included station reprint articles at the same time, can also be included in your article that Baidu think you are original, or a relatively small net station, station to reprint articles and it is hard to be included. Write an article to the webmaster is not to let the thought spread their own at the same time, also increased the weight of the website, so as to bring traffic to the site? In this sense, reproduced large though it would divert a portion of this article can bring the long tail words flow, but the long tail word article can bring some flow, do believe that the webmaster friends all know it. For a website, the influence is very small. I think an own website reproduced large articles on the benefits are the following:

is a large, reprint this article, can let more people see, but large website credibility can enhance the credibility of this article, also increases the value of this article, the author thought can be spread out.

two, reproduced large will pay attention to the original site description text plus (note that this is a description of the large text), this article value is very high, will cause more site reproduced, so as to bring the chain more resources to the original station.

three, these resources are brought from some weight high site, you get the equivalent of these stations recognized, resulting in this small website search engine cast one vote, the effect is better than the soft release in the portal site more.

four, Baidu now is not to say, see the value of a web site, is to look at other sites on the Internet voting, is there than they reprint your article this vote more real? And still relatively well-known website real vote, which was higher than the number of small sites link station friendship value.

Text brings

five, reproduced large connecting when this can be the chain of the highest quality, thus.


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