On the establishment of commercial blog

with the network information era, marketing means more and more diverse, many of which are effective means of blog marketing is one of the most popular methods, and with the advent of Web2.0 era, the network is flooded with individual communities, personal blog, personal space and so on, but also establish enterprise blog indicates the glorious era of blog marketing.

and the blog also entered the commercial era, the use of blog for enterprise product promotion, the use of blog promotion, personal use of blog earn League advertising fees.

This makes a lot of people have entered the

blog this circle, then how to successfully build a business blog


, first of all, make clear the topic of the blog. For their blog positioning, to understand the main blog of their blog, for readers to write, clear purpose. For example: I want to create a "hospital" nature of the blog, so our main writing is associated with the disease, the only way to attract users to read the hospital, so as to achieve the purpose of creating profits for the hospital.

secondly, be professional. Blog as a gathering place for specific people, it gathers a number of a certain social basis to get the crowd, this group of people recognized, as a blogger, you must provide some unique articles or things to meet the people in this group. This will attract a specific group of people to subscribe to their blogs for a long time, find information, and build popularity in the ring.

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again, to be unique. If I were to do a blog QQ space code ", only then always around the content of writing, and do not need to refer to the other hand, I think there are a lot of people blog, the content inside the disorderly, no center, it is difficult to establish the prestige in an industry. Of course, except for entertainment blogs.

finally, to conform to the SEO way of writing, the words into the text, appropriate keywords bold, appropriate headings, title must conform to the users search, so your article can only reach the search engine page, you attract readers.

complete the above 5 steps, and persevere in writing, then a commercial blog within six months to a year to establish success


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