Yang Tao and his MTV storm rising road

The location of

mtvfb (mtvfb.cn)

in the eyes of the public, mostly agree that more content the better site, but in the discussion with Yang Tao, have the same point of view and my personal website: in the early stage of development, the less the more sophisticated content better, rather than blindly doing what.


website at present, more than cattle to a hog hair donkey and have more small personal website if you want to quickly expand, not to learn those websites blindly, to what do many large, brightly coloured mixed together, looks quite content more, and almost no different from the portal site but they lack, do not know why always flow not up. (there are many, many) at this site,

MTVFB, in the initial positioning, chose the most attractive Internet users a small piece of content –

MTV (flash)

almost every netizen likes music, like MTV flash, so there are many flash MTV. Yang Tao soon in contact with the network, is deeply in love with flash MTV, so this pre move when the personal home page, just wanted to make music animation website.

There are several advantages to


1. website content can not spend too much energy, it is very professional, very delicate, so that the public likes;


2. site is easy to maintain and does not cost too much effort. (there are too many websites, and it is often lost because the update is too slow)

The promotion strategy of


MTVFB in a short period of more than a year, did not spend a penny on the traffic so much, come out, it is positioned well, the biggest reason is that Yang Tao’s promotion strategy is better. Yang Tao’s promotion strategy, here is only a brief talk about his more creative points:


1. web site first name is "I love you as the mouse love the rice music cartoon network" to see the first feeling is amazing, so long the site name, but also is everybody sing, love words parity. So it’s easy to impress and remember it and be happy to recommend it to a friend.

2. forms a regional propaganda alliance through the internet. I think that Yang Tao’s very smart, MTVFB has just established, the flow is very good, Yang Tao in order to develop faster, get to know friends around, and then spend a lot of time to communicate the letter MTVFB in certain areas of the Propaganda Department, and a special column on his website, publish the information minister.

for regional propaganda minister, the choice of Carambola generally choose some of the forum more influential help, or Internet cafes, network management. Because the forum owner relatively large influence, can be in a very short period of time to MTVFB>


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