Ordinary graduates Entrepreneurship extraordinary network agent let me a monthly income of 100 thous

, an expert in making moneyMy name is "

", when I am expert in making money "this name, in fact I have been removed on the Internet for several years. Of course, with the majority of users from access to a computer and gradually began to enjoy sensual entertainment "captured" experience, years of my main sources of interest in the Internet which can provide various information and other leisure entertainment. As an ordinary college student, I do not have any computer technology that can be fooled, nor is there any amazing invention. And the only thing that makes me so proud today is that when I first used the internet name on the Internet, I firmly believe that the Internet is an easy tool to make money. And every year is the fiery real estate easy money that toes have no trouble understanding the point of view is not the same, the Internet industry belongs to the civilian industry, rather than the elite or the big boss". Internet pioneer Yang Zhiyuan’s company is called "Yahoo", which refers to the ugly monster, meaning civilians, rather than Beautiful, Puma, and so on, probably because of this. For example, unless you born the son of Yang Huiyan, how a civilian? Just like the bridge below a street vendor selling trinkets, special tiles or other migrant workers earn migrant workers migrant workers. The bank IT. Foreign media comment on Shi Yuzhu by selling some of the cheap trinkets to earn windfall profits, I never touch games, he did not know the specific what to sell, but in QQ, touch and bypass, they did not sell similar trinkets and made its fortune users have? Hundreds of millions of registered QQ.

first used "forum when playing expert in making money", I am still a senior student. The belief that the Internet is easy to earn makes me abandon my parents’ pre – arranged, comfortable, secure job and break my own career after graduation. I stay in the big city and invest in the booming Internet industry. Because I know, was born in the remote mountain area town people like me, since there is a sincere love of the Internet, not curled up in this small mountain climbing into the projectile "Crawler" wait for Internet technology a day to see the chance of success of their own, others from the inside to the outside of a inch inch hollowed out again an inch of my dreams to pieces.

my dream is simple. After graduation a few years, I can start my own business, start my own business as a boss, and make a lot of money. After a few months’ work, I have strengthened my mind. I majored in economics, rational judgment to me is when I can’t wait and of Zhang Wuchang, it is forced to duck shelves; I don’t want to go to the site to lower down as contractors, that is the misuse of material. When I think about it, I’m afraid the boss is the same as me. Ma Huateng, Shi Yuzhu origin school is not first-class, Ma is second rate school origin, but now all of them are billionaires, I am good or bad, but also the school is aboveboard. If you push me when the boss after money? If you want to get out of kindness or other, more deep and mysterious "answer, it is pure nonsense. I’m only twenty years old


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