China’s industry website comments on the clothing industry

1, industry characteristics

< market overview; >

2007 list of China’s clothing industry brand-name enterprises

days ago, by the "world managers" magazine and the overseas business association, Capital University of Economics and Business and other units jointly selected the Chinese growth 100 strong selection results announced. Ningbo Garment Association member China rouse Group Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang Busen Group Co. Ltd., Zhuang Ji group, Ningbo Progen Group Co. Ltd. and Tongcheng Hongrun group company, Fujian Korean clothing network, Shanghai nanjiren Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Esquel Textile Company Limited on the list.

< product features >

There are many brands in

clothing industry, and the brand focus varies according to different classification directions. Clothing enterprises pay special attention to brand effect, pay attention to product packaging and personalized interpretation.

< industry usage status; >

apparel industry is closely related to the pace of the times, popular, influential industry, the urgent need to accept the latest feedback information, and enterprise information release. Moreover, fashion consumers are mainly oriented to middle and high income young people, and most of them have become loyal users of the internet. Therefore, clothing enterprises online has become the only way for enterprise development.

recently, by the national information testing center and the Internet Weekly jointly held "China enterprise information 500" investigation activities announced. The purpose of this investigation is to effectively summarize the experience and achievements of China’s information construction, and to study and analyze the role of information technology in promoting the development of Chinese enterprises and driving the process of industrialization. In the survey, YOUNGOR, Shanshan, meitesi. Bonwe, good child, Esquel textile, Yongtong dyeing, King Deer Cashmere, Hailanjituan, Xuechi group, Fapai group, Whitehorse group a total of 11 Chinese Garment Association selected.

The main business sites within the

industry are:

Angelo group

Fapai Group Co. Ltd.

Tiger Balm group

Fujian Qipai Group Co. Ltd.


Shanshan Group

Korean clothing network

Metersbonwe http://s.b>


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