From Taobao banned Baidu think of

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say something about April this year. On April, Cody Haskins – on both sides of the Changjiang River huobian.

The temporary

opened a bidding Baidu account, while selling Cody Haskins – in Taobao, when the 3000 bidding cost end, Baidu sold a total of 7 Cody Haskins -. Consulting quantity is greater than 300 times, less than 350 times, I set the price of 1.6 click once, that is, 3000 of the bidding fees can bring me 1875 hits.

access, consulting and trading ratio of 1875:330:7.

has made a bid on Baidu and added statistics to Taobao’s product description. (at that time a total of 5 Taobao account issued a regular function to rape Taobao)

Taobao access, consulting and trading ratio of 150:60:18

exclusion factors, Taobao has intermediary volume high, single access counseling ratio, can be seen, many of which are tricky.

was not open Google account is a big pity.

personal feeling, Taobao banned Baidu does not have much impact on Taobao’s business?. But Baidu really should have learned the lesson,


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