How should the stationmaster that invite applications for a job organize his operation idea

recruitment website in some ways is indeed a good direction of development, this is not to say that I do this business itself, just feel for the grass-roots webmaster, use of their local resources, and then contact some local enterprises, is still relatively easy to make his name to the recruitment website. But there is one thing to admit that it is with the recruitment industry into more and more friends, some plausible operation ideas also will have flourished, everyone I sentence you to share their views, it is easy to cause interference on the understanding for some novice webmaster, especially now in the industry for several points of the discussion more. Apart from the main station, I am also running a recruitment website, so I would like to share my views on behalf of the individual here.

homogenization is a mature "alternative" in any industry. The solution is inevitable, but it can not be blind. Now the online recruitment industry both in the profit model and information distribution are similar, which makes a lot of recruiting station is not directly to attract users, I am ashamed to say that the author’s first recruiting station is a site follow the homogenization of the consequences is very serious indeed, first of all users can not remember you, is not conducive to you to establish their own brand image, but for some new friends, the development will be much lower operating costs in accordance with the standard model of the industry, so the homogenization is not to say that one or two webmaster can solve, it is facing the bottleneck of the industry at this stage, the need for more webmaster hard. Of course, this is not to say that we are not going to correct homogenization, but that we can not innovate for innovation. Some so-called Housing leasing, skills training on the surface is feasible, in fact, the use of traffic is really limited. For the most simple example, we want to do skill training, you must first in the relevant departments for the record after obtaining permission to conduct training after enrollment, you need to recruit some professionals, this part of the investment will be great and not everyone thought so simple, so the so-called innovation can not be considered from the function, and it should be considered from efficiency, and effectively solve the asymmetric information in the recruitment, such as job seekers make your resume properly displayed on the web, allow enterprises to choose, to interview, the development mode of such an upside down like to actually be able to make more effective use of information, such reform is all the direction of future development.

profit means can be implemented in many forms, and reduce costs is disguised profit. We are talking about the innovative profit model now, no longer rely solely on advertising and value-added service member, but I would like to ask you, for a foothold in the traffic operation sites, in your business is ripe, you in addition to relying on the flow of cash you have other reasonable way? If you really want to to profit, it is better to think about how to save money. Now everybody do the recruitment website is always to do some advertising, for example, in the station, for example, in the bus, the place you want to have what is to get the CV level? These places it is indeed relatively large flow of people place.


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