Classic website success road Analysis series

recently and several friends online chat, some successful personal webmaster website experience, everyone was talking nonsense, talk is good, I think it is necessary to record some good personal website we analyzed the success, for the majority of owners to learn from this experience. Analysis of special thanks to the webmaster nets, 9A webmaster Wangzhuan, and they provide a place for the analysis of the article published, this activity continues to seek cooperation, requirements: webmaster website, has a higher PR; of course if you think your website is a successful website, you can contact me, I provide website analysis for you and let more people share the operation of the road to your website, QQ:736785151.

said the personal website will have to mention, the incredible miracle of faith has been one of the China adhere to grassroots webmaster website, many people think that is successful because of his luck, only truly understand the site difficult to be able to understand why is successful, the success of the hao123, some friends and I think their success lies in the following reasons:

first, site navigation is one of the Internet’s most early, at that time, the Internet will skilled few, not to say that the construction site, we basically in the Internet is not very good circumstances, in the search engine is not very common situation, the establishment of a site navigation, to provide services for the majority of users, can be said to be really consistent with the rules of market demand, so he has the potential trend of success.

second,’s strategic vision, we know that the site is very clean, hao123 has been established in the site is clean and attractive, in the face of the site so much traffic hao123 didn’t pop like advertising, has been quietly do not, he did not want to, but he understood that the customer is God, compared to some now, there are few traffic on the site, AD was flying all over the sky, if their website is successful, then I think the location of his site is to provide services for the madman, we all know that we are happy to see is free, free from the NetEase had started, so far. Free is still one of the best ways of promotion, we all understand that children can’t set the wolf to the truth, there can be several such use Hao123 understands this, so even if he doesn’t make money, he doesn’t add bad ads to the web site.

again, have to say about the optimization and promotion hao123 know, we all know that hao123 will have a site set to the home page, it is this simple principle, the use of consumer behavior to retain many hao123 users, sometimes simply remind you will receive an unexpected effect on the promotion of specific means of promotion, I am here no hao123 can refer to, but there is no doubt.


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