My hardship, believe you have too

whim, suddenly interested in beauty care, and then think about it, decided to start my journey.

took some time, first changed a template, got a domain name, got a space, gave my station took a name, called Xiaoli beauty museum. In this way, with the basic framework of the station, so I put the station on the line.

the next few days, I began to update the data on time every day, although it can not be said that each original, but at least have been personally screened and modified. With content, but no one to see, this makes me very difficult to accept, I feel that every day’s efforts are in vain. So, I started looking for traffic.

I edited a lot of posts to the major forums, community hair, and found that the effect can also, but not long, many places do not support the chain, the post sent up soon will be deleted. Even so, it’s better than nothing. Do not pay attention to people, ah, in a few days after the post, finally found a community, the effect is wrong, hey, my power finally came. So, every day, finishing the post, IP finally jumped from 100 to 200, jumped to 300, jumped to 400, jumped to more than 500 now.

think of the daily hard work, always a little harvest, so put on Ali mother and GG, but Ali mother’s most a day also 6 cents, hey, helpless ah. But GG is every day in the increase, although the income is not the day of my meal, but looking at the GG Qian Tiantian in, still feel a sense of achievement, look forward to the $100 withdrawal days.

although feeling very hard every day, but still feel a sense of accomplishment, perhaps this is the powerful temptation of money ah. I don’t think I should take my daily job as a burden and enjoy it as much more. Because if I’m forced to do the same thing every day, I can’t think of it for a few days. I’m tired of it and give up. If it is a kind of enjoyment, I believe I will have great interest and confidence to do it well. I believe I can learn a lot from it.

it’s just my personal experience, but it’s hard. I think a lot of people have been through it. If someone can pull through, I believe I can. Little beauty Museum ( looking forward to your visit.


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