Analysis popups affect search engine rankings

                  two days ago, a friend in "pop every day Liangsanbai income, not white do not temptation, although I hate pop, but always can not stand the temptation to RMB, in my Chinese words on the website, plus on the pop, although I know that my IP without his 1/5, even pop also will not have the daily income of hundreds of dollars, but I still put on. Unexpectedly, the second day, traffic accumulation decreased, characters from Baidu keyword net home page third fell to third, I will not say nonsense, please look at the day before yesterday I published in the Admin5 article: pop will affect the ranking of BAIDU Aid= 88039 a.

              ranking slump really let me have doubts about the pop-up, and even had the impulse to withdraw. After much hesitation, I asked a few years of experience in the old webmaster, and search for relevant articles from the Admin5, but also understand the relevant knowledge from Baidu, finally eliminated the pop caused the search engine keyword ranking down view, I keep the site updated for high quality Links, today I website ranking again back. Happy ah…….

                through this thing, I want to tell the site is not a long time the novice, when I did not know much knowledge or old webmaster ask, do not have the resources, you can also search in the station on the relevant contents of the article, to be cautious. Another point is to be patient, to make a website, just like a child, be patient, original and updated, and believe that Baidu will not give us the right without reason.


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