Looking for opportunities to improve site conversion rates from data analysis

China’s e-commerce site conversion rate of about 1% of the data, which means that the number of shopping sites to 100 people, but the real shopping is only 1 people. Why 100 visitors, but can seize that a website?! spend a large amount of advertising costs to find the flow, but not in time to grasp, it is no wonder that now most of the domestic business enterprise doesn’t make much money, spend money on advertising at the same time, also let the visitors increase purchases.

, and if you say that the customer experience from the exterior is already doing well, then do you need to find other problems? That’s only the habit of visitors, using data to find problems.

traffic source analysis: are you targeting your target user


it’s a process from where visitors know the site and then to the website. The company launched ads, from major portals and video on the relevant network advertising. So, what are the better and more attractive ones in these ads? These analyses are a major aspect of cost control. Similarly, you can look at the location of the flow, and determine which channels are easier to identify and increase the volume of target customers. Knowing your location doesn’t mean you can get a good idea of how users access it. It’s easier to find out from some data analysis and find out why.

access depth analysis: is your site able to attract users to watch


access depth ratio = access to more than 11 pages of user access / the total number, the number of / in 10 minutes or more user access time access time ratio = total number of users, these two indicators represent the website content appeal, higher data rate.

here, the depth of the visit is most important for the design of the page, and, in addition, on the description of the product. Take the small book for example. To look at a shopping website, first of all, the website page is the first impression, just like a person’s first impression, a good first impression can produce the possibility of conversation to cognition. Therefore, the website to the user first impression is very important, a regular website, not only in the discharge of products have elegant, even in the selection of "hemp beans", etc. have to consider aspects of main products, accurate emission is the most important. In addition, the introduction of each product can attract users to watch, this is also a problem. Remember to have not previously seen a story, is about "five meters" description of the policy, is about a Taobao successful seller, its products, in kind shooting, each product description can be up to one meter to five". Now the customer is not the most important one of dense text, but the real thing moved to the front of customers so that customers can take, online shopping and traditional shopping in general, realistic. Then, naturally, the product can attract users, and the depth of access will deepen.

registration rate analysis: where does website registration rate increase

member marketing, this is China’s most commonly used Internet marketing methods, most of the electricity supplier enterprises have adopted affiliate marketing


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