Analysis of how to do a good job online soft marketing

obviously, now the shop industry competition is very fierce, obligations as a small commodity wholesale city in China has also become China’s shop city, many houses are in duty of various types of shop operators, but with the outbreak of the financial crisis, as well as industry competition, now the compulsory commodity city is still strong, but once as a beautiful city shop now has become very cold, so shop management situation is not optimistic.

is the shop operators face the danger, so if to enhance the competitiveness of the shop is very good treatment, enhance the online marketing level, and soft power operation, it can be dangerous to translate into opportunities, let the shop re radiate new machine. For the vast number of individuals or grassroots operators operating online shop, because there is not so much money to enhance the hard power, then the promotion of soft power is an effective way.

so how to enhance the soft power of shop? In other words, how to improve the effect of soft marketing shop? The author thinks that the core is the need to proceed from the two aspects of service and marketing.

improves service levels and increases user viscosity by

webmasters may think, soft marketing is not through a variety of methods including soft release post in different target sites, to attract traffic, and service what? But I think service is to enhance the soft marketing effect of the most basic skills, good and bad will directly affect the level of service shop image in the minds of consumers, especially the shop number if the ox hair situation, if your site can not highlight the advantages in the service, and how to enhance the credibility and reputation of the shop, only rely on money to brush reputation, that can only win temporarily, but not be able to stay in business.


service will begin from two aspects, one should provide comprehensive product information to the user, do not be afraid of exposure to commodity defects, but also patience to explain the use of methods and techniques for some commodities, goods should tell consumers how to distinguish the authenticity of the goods, and even opened a special consultation platform to explain the shopping experience and skills, allowing users to recognize your ideas, so it can effectively improve the viscosity of the shop.

Another point is to pay attention to the nature of

service attitude, because the shop selling products there is no face-to-face exchanges, the smile can not be consumer intuitive feel, this is not conducive to enhance the image of the service attitude, because the shop exchange is more words on the exchange, so the rational use of politeness language is the only way to improve the service image, so now Taobao "pro" has become a colloquial language, this is actually a reflection of the shopkeepers service attitude of the tone of the word, and this kind of attitude and emotion of the auxiliary said with innovative shop service model will become more and more.

soft text marketing, pay attention to experience teaching, to bring users useful inspiration,


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