The site dress more professional several methods

on the Internet for themselves to find a home is not very difficult, apply for a domain name, get a server space, you can design a web page. Even if I built my own home. But to make the home work, it needs to be renovated to make it professional. Just as flawless diamonds need to be cut and carved, a website needs to be optimized so that it can stand online, get published, and attract users.

we want to know what factors determine whether a site making professional " " site? We don’t need to spend too much money to do "the fancy, the main guarantee of site speed, and the navigation system is a concise, but also to ensure that your visitors feel the time. Spend on your website value. In addition, pay close attention to the content. Often pay attention to the content of your website, see yourself when you see who will be able to doubt, if there is doubt, it must be solved quickly, know your Ian and worry, customers will also have. This is my past few years to build business Yi Hong network promotion station a little experience.

in a webmaster is concerned about the most popular topic is search engine optimization, this is the important content of professional site optimization. Recent surveys show that the main source of web traffic comes from search engines. Writing " title" and " description" is very important. First of all, from " head" on the start of competition, to choose more than your domain name keywords. It is important to do some preparatory work before submission. You may have overlooked this point. " title" don’t exceed 5 words, and include the most important keywords. Try to limit " to description" limit the number of words within 25 words. Title": and " description" a higher quality of writing; Google searches for the first bold word to form the " of the site; description". The site administrator to analyze a number of key words, the main keywords should be all of the keywords 5%–8%, if your percentage is too high, the search engine will think your website cheating, then it ranked in any search directory will not let you enter 100 in the. In search engines, key words and related optimizations can instantly make a website from obscurity to focus. Go ahead and do it. I’ll see you at the front of the search engine. Of course, most search engines are no longer using machines to search web pages, but these minor and one-off suggestions you take into account when building a web site. Notice the title column under the browser? Many mind owners begin work here, not let customers open your website and see a meaningless site!



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