A rookie in the groping station

Name: winner223

age: 22

career: unemployed

network age: 5 years,

degree: Junior College


, Xinjiang

free cinema: www.1314ys.com

walk for nearly 5 years in the Internet, one day suddenly at a loss, often at the computer in a daze, do not know what to do, what did I do? I found that have not previously know all day playing silly boy, I grew up, I belong to the student age is coming to an end, and my face is a hitherto unknown employment pressure, heart to do something, learn something of the idea, the university years I was in the game to waste, I can’t let my parents down.

then went to the Internet and got a lot of technical materials to study by myself. But soon I found out that I couldn’t keep up with it. I used to be lazy. I suddenly wanted to settle down and study. It wasn’t just perseverance. It was.

one day a swim swim to taobao.com, taobao.com known as Chinese largest trading site, something which is really much, I found that there is a zone called QQ forum, I point in

found it all is sold with QQ about something, I realized that the QQ deal is a huge profit market, I soon found the so-called QQ envelope trading group, and + a lot, I found in QQ trading has become a huge black industry chain, from the horse – Pirates of the QQ- the sale of QQ, each link has a corresponding group in the operation, but also are huge, so I decided to also + into the industry, others can make I can earn. Soon I found a home, from buy traffic, QQ box, QQ made a series of preparatory work to avoid killing horses soon fix, fix, I also began to sweep the so-called letter of career, there are some things you experience to know one of the bitter, sweeping letter is akin to your life’s work, these groups are sleeping during the day and night work up

live every day to the upside of life, every day for a long time staring at the computer to do repetitive motion, but the benefits are tired as can be imagined, a very rich, I see a big house, he engaged in this line for less than a year has earned nearly 1 million, but I knew I could not like him, too how long will I wash my hands, but this time let me crazy hacker technology, there is a period of time I have in the study of hacker technology, of course, know a little, soon gave up

later the time I have been on the network to find an easy way to make money, incidentally found foreign hits, mail advertising, each big Wangzhuan forum to write certain new sites just opened, how many dollars to send a registered, so I began to do, later I found that most of the stations are cheat Click, do not receive money, then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled



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