Research and adherence to the road to SEO

for the site optimization, relatively speaking, and then can not be anxious, halfway and not abandoned. When you choose to start a website, you should consider how to develop in the future, how to train weights, and how to have a better ranking. Also, that you have not prepared to deal with competitors, aimed at search engine development site is always not avoid the "optimization" of the word, since we still more than A5 to a market research hot China "SEO"


relatively speaking, at present more popular to establish "blog" method to maintain a web site of the chain and weight, compared with the whole day in BBS post with chain much better. I believe the effect will be there, we have access to the Internet, including A5, and discuss the establishment of blog to optimize the website signs or more. Some people say that the effect is very good, but some people say that to be further verification, and so on. But one more thing, the new blog didn’t work. Oh,


builds any website and pays for it (again). At first, we do not have to earn how much money and how much traffic, and optimize a good station, it is necessary to rely on years of endurance and perseverance. For example, as All the world knows. "A5", I believe we all understand their accumulated experience and pay it, here I will not say more. In the search engine input, we can see that a lot of collection – – then, about 140000 pages from where,


from zero to success of A5 also is not our imagination so simple, they also experienced a bitter, year after year to get a day in and day out, now the development, will have the about 140000 accumulation included. I believe you can count these figures: they are paid from 365 days or even longer. Let us wish: "A5 hands Baoquan firm from scratch, determined from success and make unremitting efforts."

focus: how to make the new site access to high power, included, the chain

1, new sites to establish good quality links, but also in the weight of the blog, add some attention to the original article, and then in the article after the end of the station website address and keywords. Maintain and update for about a year, your station weight has been very high (1-3 months high, except the weight Master)

2, new sites do not need too much change, as long as the content to maintain a good update (support for original and pseudo original), a day in 10-30 content. Continue to update about a year, included, and other search engines will continue to increase after the big update.

3, new period not to modify the title, description and keywords, the chain can be properly and each big forum or website exchange. It is recommended not to use hidden chains, because this does not have much effect, so they can only buy for a few days, which wastes money and wastes energy.

well, I hope everyone will talk about SEO knowledge later, se> what you feel


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