Follow up email to promote user registration, AdSense plan changeBriefly explain the credibility of

Dear AdSense publisher, how do you do?!

AdSense advertising unit. To ensure payment of valid conversion times, it is recommended that you view the current AdSense advertisement location settings.

shlf1314 package: Currently, if a user downloads and runs shlf1314 packages for the first time through your link or button recommendation, you can get the highest $2

$. From the third week of February, revenues from successful shlf1314 software packages will be adjusted to $$1 each. This change applies to all

shlf1314 packages recommend wherever users or publishers live.

Firefox: considering the bidding situation in the local market, we are also preparing to reduce the Firefox from mainland China from the third week of February

shlf1314 from AdSense group

shlf1314 Inc.

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain, View, CA 94043

CJ the top of the league is the value you have good reputation, it is a way to Chinese sales account or to get more ideas to establish the credibility of the invitation, no matter what the company did not translate well, you are not always good for good advertising, perhaps you can get started, but later it is only K. CJ in the company too much, for by advertising or invite careful selection, there will be what you can do, not only LEAD is to make money, as long as the type of ads you have background should be carefully filtering. Not afraid of you, you are not afraid to think, not afraid of you not to think, you’re not afraid to perform, youshiwuzhong, the industry seems to be a very low threshold, in fact.

reprinted window of Asia Forum

for many people, especially young people all want to qualify for the CJ test, the quality of the credibility of the CJ in fact needless to say, as for the foreign address can apply to a lot of advertisements, indeed, in fact, China address can do the same, why we are talking, CJ account or some other union account to raise is the truth, is the only foreign address to do CJ, no, Chinese address do very well, Chinese address apply advertisements in the beginning only some S company to invite you, in fact, we have to start from S to increase your reputation, and not to do ZB, or HK simple example, you work to cheat once the boss, the boss found no give you wages, so the total when he found, so it is not difficult to understand the network we do things like you To work with your boss and your guests as you get in return is to give your salary at present, especially to the CJ alliance is a big company, is not as simple as you think and weak, right Wangzhuan, some people say that I am a month thousands of knives, this kind of people too much, but also a lot of K people, if you only see you every day in the background of USD soaring, then you can get in the hands of luck is belong to you, for some alliance can apply for Chinese address, then you have to apply for their research, no foreign blood relatives friends will not earn dollars, the answer is absolutely can earn.


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