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The business model of

"almost every day there are investors to visit the company, the media interviews are too numerous to row."." Shanghai wing code brand manager Xiao Juncheng described to reporters the troubles of their happiness. Although in the two-dimensional code industry chain, Shanghai wing code has been low-key struggle for 6 years, but this time the two-dimensional code rushed red, or let the "industry veteran" some unexpected.

Shanghai wing code is not complicated at first glance: they help businesses like two-dimensional code as send text messages to mobile phone customers and merchants, to charge a service fee, the two-dimensional code plays a role of electronic documents, you can exchange for physical goods, discounts, tickets can also serve as a kind of supermarket card vouchers, or electronic membership card. Compared to SMS, this is more common electronic documents, two-dimensional code can carry more information.

"it’s not technically difficult to put a bunch of information into a two-dimensional code, but what information is put into the two-dimensional code? How does it make the most logical combination?"


, but now the two-dimensional code fire, and has been in the silence of the rich Shanghai wing code, whether it is worried about the rapid change in blue ocean red sea?

          today login shlf1314 Adsense Chinese background, will find an increase of two referrals Checkout and Apps, but the introduction of the above text and text description is english.

          shlf1314 AdSense Checkout and Apps referrals are increased in March this year, but the original has not been open to Chinese users.

      here is a screenshot of the background.


    the following are two promotion text introduction:



        shlf1314 Apps:< br />

wing code suddenly busy, in the two-dimensional code, this complex system is only the tip of the iceberg, which is hidden behind a huge mobile Internet feast.

let Lin Jin is quite proud of this, their own business model was established in the first year of Shanghai wing code allows enterprises to achieve a profit, but in 6 years, the company’s cash flow has been positive, and have never won the VC money.

The first gold

Lin Li believes that this seemingly simple business model, barriers to entry is actually not low. Our technical staff from the core banking system, so we are with the banking system level to build our system, which can ensure the customer information security of assets, because some of our electronic certificate is the high amount of valuable documents."

technology of the "hard power", Lin Jin said "soft power" is also very important.

In addition to the

Shanghai wing code from the first to eat crab to big businesses, China Mobile and other operators and bank credit card department is one of the first customers in Shanghai wing code, because they all want to send points to customers, allow customers to exchange gifts. Since then, Shanghai wing code gradually expanded its business to gas stations, airlines, food and beverage chains and department stores and other fields. Last year, they sent a total of nearly 100 million two-dimensional code information, carrying more than 6 billion yuan of transactions.

"and will produce messages to merchants, businesses get a bunch of manual data, less fortunately, much of it is difficult to handle, but produce a two-dimensional code, businesses only need to have a reading machine, information can be directly included into the computer, convenient and efficient." Shanghai wing code products department director Lin Jin explained.

never took VC money in 6 years,


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