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Internet feast the first batch of diners: aspiring not in high

90 after the correct concept of Entrepreneurship: painstaking people, the day is not

abstract waves surging reason: the whole society impetuous environment, more easily young eyes higher than the top, think that as long as there are ideas, talk about innovation, talk about feelings, you can change the world.

Project Profile:

diners are easy, the chef’s road is difficult: look at the mountain is the mountain, look at the mountain is not the mountain, look at the mountain or mountain,

with network technology and information intensive reading of the original brush technology provides excellent selection of discourse from the production source a, a, visual news the news and micro magazine read, so that readers can effectively navigate according to interest. Especially the registered user login, enjoy the unique channel product integration one page, with the gradual increase in natural reading time, use of tools will more accurately display reading resulting in two aspects, the collection of hitherto unknown: 1. people read the complete map dynamic expression; 2. have similar reading hobby groups social circle. Information brush technology can reduce the amount of information that has been refined and make reading easier. In a word, the sentence "funny net" is the first micro culture intensive reading gateway in China, and it has been the first time for real reading from production to presentation.

Marketing Man: where’s your perusal? It’s not plagiarism, popups, all of them precision. The accuracy represents all editorial summaries, plans, opinions, and comments on all information by your editorial department. There is also a word, a message, a glance, these words, you may feel very innovative settings, very creative. This is to see things from your own point of view. Website to go out, your web site is not creative to see, but creative to your website public see, concise is the best. >

Chengdu funny Technology Co., Ltd. is a new Internet creative media companies. Its core products for the comma net, the website of micro-blog mobile phone and Internet culture, cultural model, based on mobile Internet technology, focusing on product development, micro cultural field of network communication and marketing, is committed to create a set of activities, news, forum, the world’s largest Chinese search is one of the micro interactive community culture. Network culture propagation through the characteristics of the Fuju Zhuo funny, open Internet, reading, reading fine heart interest in reading and reading in the new era of poly.


some entrepreneurs own marketing bubble: life is like a play, by acting

wunderkind: encouraging military and political leaders, Ning will

below are some wonderful ideas:

wave surging reason: the whole society impetuous environment, more easily young eyes higher than the top, think that as long as there is ideas, talk about innovation, talk about feelings, you can change the world.



investor’s strong propaganda: wait for the next fool


media wantonly Bo eyeball no bottom line: as long as the news touted people mad, even hongshuitaotian behind



project features:

project progress:


sentence "funny network" is in the background of the big bang era of fine reading site. In the name of the network with large data to the reader provides a multitude of information, news and reading materials. On the surface of the network era no "micro" not to, but it provides the amount of garbage, so that the individual reading no Fu Xiaoshou, completely lost in the low efficiency of the mouse click, slide. As an individual, the reader does not need to read all the information or read all of the network information. Sentence tease aimed at large data era, combing the context of personal reading, to provide accurate reading materials in line with the interests of readers.




do not know when to start, "after 90 entrepreneurs tide" this concept suddenly broke into the public view, all kinds of "Ma Jia Jia", "cattle Jia Jia" and so on news filled the streets. Along with the "offended the entire Internet circle" of Yu Jiawen in CCTV "talk a lot of nonsense, 90 entrepreneurs" is being pushed on in the teeth of the storm. However, in these harsh noise behind, "after 90 entrepreneurial wave" why so turbulent? This year, really has to "no industry, are embarrassed to greet people" to the point,

web version is already open test status, APP and other mobile version will soon be on the line.

Some examples of

user requirements:

strong support from the parties: life is difficult to fight back a few times, you first top me pad



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