Three error analysis data to make the website of Shanghai Dragon

do not know if you have not felt, the domestic Shanghai dragon industry has been a very good development in 2012 this year, Shanghai made love the renewal of the algorithm, established Shanghai love Webmaster Platform, improve the quality of search results. May be some friends will say: 2012 is Shanghai dragon workers tragedy of the year, because of the love of Shanghai made a lot of adjustment in this year, since there are a lot of website is love Shanghai punishment. Here we want to make clear two points:

how to do the science of Shanghai dragon, and let his Shanghai dragon operation more in line with the search engine requirements? I told you about to study "love Shanghai SEO Guide 2" inside the content of in-depth analysis, because a lot of knowledge and operation are hidden in the details. If you do this step, then the next step is to do more work is the analysis of the website of Shanghai dragon, see the essence of Shanghai dragon from the data analysis, this is a little Zhang Guoping often mentioned in his blog and in training. The good data analyst will make mistakes, as the Shanghai dragon data analysis rookie, I simply talk about three mistakes about novice website data analysis to make Shanghai dragon.

not only one-sided emphasis on the one hand, a lot of friends do Shanghai Longfeng analysis may because of their knowledge and experience is limited, analysis problems are very limited, I remember last year I made a joke that the analysis of a portal, forget analysis website two level domain name, like this one-sided analysis, a conclusion naturally laughable.

to be able to seize the key, for example, our website is down right, so we have to do is find out why the site is down right, then all of our work should focus on this goal: to find possible causes, collect relevant data, analyze data, draw a conclusion.

2, the search engine algorithm update is always toward a more scientific direction, so we have to adapt to the Shanghai dragon workers love Shanghai algorithm update, pay attention to scientific operation of the Shanghai dragon.

data analysis views between

1, the global

analysis of Shanghai Longfeng data I think first of all to consider: the global view, also is to have a development perspective to look at the data, such as love of Shanghai is sure to meet the needs of the adjustment algorithm of the search, as long as our content information is fully consistent with the search of the user experience, so we may be included the quantity does not necessarily need to be high, contrary to the extent possible to meet in quality.

can know small see, through the data analysis of the nature of the problem, a lot of time simply watching a website of Shanghai dragon to do good, I often see the code for no>

1, flies do not bite the seamless egg, love Shanghai not to punish no operating problems website, perhaps because of his injury, but the absolute operation in accordance with the algorithm changes the suspicion;


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