The Shanghai dragon network click evoked ranking


2. of the second factors, we talk about the site of title, yes, title is currently holds the highest weight label, when your title contains your keywords, website users click in the search time, the weight of search engine will give the site title, then your title in turn >

want to do this, it must meet the following several important factors

3.1000+ network

may have a long-term operation of the website friends already know, the website title is the highest weight in the eyes of search engines, keywords and description has been basically not what weight, then your website title must contain the keyword of the website, which is beneficial to the ranking and relevance of the site, of course, in our contacts click evoked ranking in title, will play a role of absolute, then look at the following.

1. website content relevance

2. title

if you have more contacts, you can play to the maximum level of this method, you tell your friends, love Shanghai daily in the search box, enter your website keywords, and then out in the search page, search your site, remember which can not click on other web sites, or the effect will be lost. After looking for your site, you need to let your friends stay down, look at the article, even if it did not mean to stay. Only in this way can play to maximize the method.

the content of the site with your site type is not related to this point, we in the establishment of the time should be to grasp, if there is no master, search engine is the weight of the site for you to reduce the correlation, nature won’t get good rankings, I once saw a a manager type of website, but it is actually some Shanghai dragon and webmasters types of articles, so that a search engine certainly correlation of this website is to reduce a lot of search keywords, natural ranking is very low. Now rookie friends should know that one of the important factors. The correlation factors ranking –

1. we have said, the website content relevance is very important, when you have a certain amount of contacts, enter a search word, when you click on the site, related factors of the search engine spiders will also determine the user search keywords and the content of the website, then your website content relevance. You can quickly improve your site weight.

a lot of friends in Shanghai Longfeng just to see this title, is certainly not understand what Oh, actually this is the original method I recently had the opportunity to improve the rankings in A5 with everyone together to share their experience today, directly to


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